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UFC 184 'Rousey vs Zingano' results recap for 'Prelims'

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) returns to the "City of Angels" for its first pay-per-view (PPV) event in more than five years when the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif., plays host to a female-dominated UFC 184 fight card.

Women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey defends her title against undefeated challenger "Alpha" Cat Zingano in the show's headliner, following a slew of entertaining main card match ups and "Prelims" under card bouts, which were featured on Fight Pass and FOX Sports 1.

A pair of entertaining scraps got the action started on Fight Pass before bodies started hitting the floor. "The Dirty Bird" Tim Means put on a spectacular display of striking, disposing of the well-rounded Brazilian Dhiego Lima in little more than 120 seconds.

In the "Prelims" main event, 37-year-old Mark Munoz couldn't muster up any kind of offense and was suffocated by returning American Top Team fighter, Roan Carneiro.

Check out the UFC 184 "Prelims" recap below:

Mark Munoz vs. Roan Carneiro

The struggling "Filipino Wrecking Machine" welcomed American Top Team Atlanta's Roan Carneiro to the middleweight division in a fight that was over before it ever really got started.

Carneiro pushes forward and grabs a hold of the Reign MMA standouts' head, following an elongated lull to begin the first round. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt ends up dragging Munoz to the mat. Carneiro is in side control, and snatches up the quick rear-naked choke to end the fight in just 90 seconds.

Roman Salazar vs. Norifumi Yamamoto

Japanese superstar "Kid" Yamamoto returned to the Octagon to face Fight Ready's Roman Salazar in a match up of bantamweights still looking for a UFC victory.

Yamamoto is in Salazar's face early. The 37-year-old lands a hard left one minute into the first round. An overhand right misses for the Krazy Bee standout. A push kick lands for Salazar. Yamamoto remains loose, throwing a lot of faints. He catches a poke to the eye, and the fight is stopped for a few seconds. Yamamoto is countering nicely against a charging Salazar. Right head kick misses for Salazar, and the first round comes to a close.

A right hand counter lands for Yamamoto. The 27-year-old Salazar responds, and is looking to push forward. A lead right uppercut misses for Yamamoto. The pair get tied up, and "Kid" lands a right on the exit. This time, Salazar suffers an eye poke, but the fight quickly resumes. A left hook lands for "El Gallito" right before Yamamoto unleashes a body kick. A double jab from Salazar connects as he pressures "Kid." We're midway through the fight and Salazar catches a second eye poke. He takes an extended break to recuperate, while the cageside doctor tends to him. After a few minutes, Salazar reveals that his vision is impaired, forcing referee John McCarthy to stop the fight due to an eye injury.

Dhiego Lima vs. Tim Means

The Ultimate Fighter Season 19 veteran Dhiego Lima took on dangerous striker Tim Means in a meeting of explosive welterweights.

Means finds the mark with an outside leg kick. Lima and "The Dirty Bird" exchange leg kicks. The Albuquerque, New Mexico native Means presses forward, landing multiple straight lefts and a knee. Means working the dirty boxing quite a bit, then lands a ferocious knee, dropping the Brazilian to the floor. Another straight left from Means has Lima backing up. Lima uncorks a few hard rights, and steps away from the cage. Means maintains the pressure, rocking the 26-year-old Lima with lefts and rights before referee Herb Dean steps-in to call the fight just over two minutes into the opening round. The 31-year-old Means nabs his 16th career victory via T(KO).

Derrick Lewis vs. Ruan Potts

Heavyweight heavy hitter Derrick Lewis took to the Octagon for a tussle with the struggling Ruan Potts.

Lewis begins the fight by charging in with a left kick to the body. Potts attempts an inside leg kick, followed by a left high kick. The South African continues to try and punish Lewis' legs. Potts initiates the clinch, and ends up on his back via a trip from "The Black Beast." The pair get back to their feet quickly, and are in the clinch. An apparent low blow, on a knee attempt from Lewis, causes a break in the action. A left head kick finds the mark for the 30-year-old Lewis, sending Potts careening into the canvas. Lewis is looking for the finish, but finds himself caught in a leg lock, which he escapes soon after. Potts scores with a takedown near the two minute mark of round one, and ends up in Lewis' half-guard. Potts looking to rain down elbows. Lewis scrambles out and begins to land hard shots on a grounded Potts, who looks for another leg lock. They stand up, and Potts searches for another takedown as the bell sounds.

A swing and a miss on a left head kick by Lewis. The Louisiana native stuffs an errant takedown attempt by the 37-year-old Potts, landing several unanswered shots in the process. Lewis jumps into his opponents' full-guard, and makes the pass into half-guard. Potts looking for armbar attempts from the bottom. The Mark Robinson MMA product begins to turtle up as Lewis starts to unload with punches. Lewis gets the full mount, and the finish via strikes in the second round.

James Krause vs. Valmir Lazaro

Towering lightweight James Krause engaged in a entertaining kickboxing contest  with heavy handed Nova Uniao staple Valmir Lazaro.

Lazaro lands a quick inside leg kick. The pair trade leg kicks. A left jab from Krause connects, followed up by an outside leg kick. He lands another quickly, before shooting in for a takedown and completing it. The 28-year-old Krause has the Brazilian's back momentarily, but the Nova Uniao product escapes and ties him up against the fence. Referee John McCarthy stops the action with two minutes left in the first round to check for an apparent headbutt, but the fight quickly resumes. Krause is looking for a takedown against the cage. The 29-year-old Lazaro lands a left, and stuffs a Krause takedown attempt. The Brazilian lands a body kick before the round is over.

Krause finds the mark with a leg kick to start the second round, and keeps pawing with the jab. Lazaro keeps working the left hand, while Krause counters with leg kicks. A nice left hook to the body and right hook by the Missouri native find their marks. A left jab sneaks in for Krause as he switches to the southpaw stance at the midway point of round 2. A hard knee lands for Lazaro after a failed overhand right by Krause. Punches in bunches coming from Lazaro, who eats a leg kick from Krause. Lazaro snaps a couple of quick left jabs, prompting Krause to go with the left high kick. Another left high kick lands for Krause, after the two exit from a brief period in the clinch, as the round comes to a close.

The pair trade left hands to begin the final round. Double jabs from the Brazilian land, followed by an outside leg kick. Body shot/left hand combination lands for Krause. Krause lands a nice leg kick. Krause completes a takedown after eating an outside leg kick, but Lazaro quickly makes it back to his feet. A left body kick by Krause lands. Lazaro lands a leg kick. The pair are going toe-to-toe now, with under two minutes left in the fight. Lazaro lands a sweet punch to the body, and follows it up with a leg kick. Krause lands a series of lefts and rights to end the fight, but loses a close call to Lazaro via split decision.

Masio Fullen vs. Alexander Torres

Dangerous Latin American featherweight newcomers faced off in a gripping, back-and-forth war.

The two exchange blows, with Fullen rocking Torres. Fullen coming with constant pressure, charges in with a kick. Torres is switching stances often, and makes Fullen pay by charging in with rights, landing multiple times. Torres gets caught with a hard left from Fullen after initiating a brawl. An overhand right misses for "Rolo." After a Fullen combo filled with rights and lefts, Torres ducks under for a takedown -- completing it -- but they're right back up to their feet midway through the first frame. Torres catches a body kick, and lands a solid right. Fullen comes away with a takedown in the scramble, and begins working in full-guard. Then, he makes a quick pass into half-guard. They're standing with 30 seconds left in the round. "Lobo" attempts a spinning back kick but misses, then comes up short on a takedown attempt prior to the end of the first frame.

Fullen pushes forward and we are tied up against the fence. The Colombian is looking for a trip and doesn't get it, but obtains double underhooks. The TUF: Latin America castmates exit the clinch over a minute and a half into the second round, but are back there moments later. We're just past the midway point of round 2 and Fullen looks for a head kick. Fullen pushes forward and lands a huge knee, looking to take back the round. The Taekwondo champion Fullen is throwing a lot of kicks. He keeps applying the pressure and stalking Torres, but the 26-year-old lands a nice leg kick shortly before the round is completed.

Fullen tags Torres right away with a body kick. He has Torres backed up against the cage, and goes high with a left kick. Torres misses a body kick as the two exchange in the center of the Octagon. Fullen attempts a flying knee as he backs Torres up again. Torres walks right into a straight left from Fullen. Torres is now looking to engage in the clinch, and nearly completes a takedown. The pair exit the clinch with 90 seconds left in the bout, then Torres looks to slow the pace down again. Torres shoots in for a late takedown and gets it, but doesn't hold Fullen down. We end the fight with the pair tied up, and "Lobo" notching his first UFC win via split decision.

With the UFC 184 "Prelims" wrapped up, fight fans get to feast on the five main card meetings only on PPV, featuring the show's marquee headliner of 135-pound champion Ronda Rousey vs No. 1 contender Cat Zingano.

For complete UFC 184: 'Rousey vs. Zingano' results, including play-by-play updates, click here.

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