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Bellator 134's Emanuel Newton has his own profound theory ahead of Liam McGeary fight tonight

"The Hardcore Kid" spoke to recently about his title fight against Liam McGeary at Bellator 134 later tonight (Feb. 28, 2015) in Uncasville, Conn., including how his mental struggles against Linton Vassel were a guiding light that connected him to a different strength. All that and much more in our exclusive interview below.

Emanuel Newton at the Bellator 134 weigh ins
Emanuel Newton at the Bellator 134 weigh ins
Bellator MMA/Eric Coleman

Bellator Light Heavyweight champion Emmanuel Newton was in the third round of his last successful title defense against Linton Vassel at Bellator 130 -- his second second since defeating Attila Vegh to win it -- when something internal began to eat away at him.

Newton would ultimately go on to get the victory via rear-naked choke in the fifth round, but just what was going on with him?

"I just didn't want to be in there," Newton revealed to recently.

HIs transparency on the matter is a little jarring because these are not words you typically hear from a professional fighter, let alone a champion. But, Newton dug deep on that Oct. 2014 evening, like he has done many other times in his career and got the "W."


"I felt everything went how it was supposed to," said Newton, who will battle Liam McGeary at Bellator 134 in Uncasville, Conn., later tonight (Feb. 28, 2015) in the Spike TV-televised main event. "I had a lot of mental battles in that fight for reasons that even surpassed my understanding, but it happened. I got the victory. I'm not going to lose no matter who I fight, whether it be a tough fight or an easy fight, it doesn't I'm going to win every fight with a finish because I don't want decisions, just finishes."

Overcoming this internal strife was "meant to happen," according to "The Hardcore Kid," because he "was meant to connect to a different strength." Newton began to unravel his own "Newton's Theory" with a deep and verbose explanation for what took place at Bellator 130. He mentioned the fifth dimension and how he had to "connect to something different in order to receive a new energy" to help him push forward and how he is "learning to dwell more properly" within himself so "victory will become easier."

That may be a little out there for some people -- definitely for those who didn't quite grasp Interstellar -- but Newton owns every word he speaks with strong conviction. He is aware he isn't giving the standard type of interview and it isn't always easy to convey his message so it is easily understood.

"Well, I mean, I think differently and that is why it's kind of hard for me to do interviews now because my mind works differently than anyone else," he explains. "I am my own person. I have my own fingerprints. I have my own way of thinking. I believe that it was kind of a guiding light in this mental breakdown that I had in the third round. It helped me deeply understand myself. I was promised victory and I was given victory so that is all that matters.

"Every challenge that we go through whether it be something in our mind or something in our every day life, it's a hurdle that we have to get over and after we get over that hurdle enough times it doesn't appear anymore. So I just had to go through something that later on down the line in other fights against higher level opponents, or more difficult opponents I will be able to say 'I've been here and I've passed this and I can keep going.'"

Newton, 31, shocked the world when he nailed Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal with a spinning-back fist at Bellator 106 over two years ago (re-watch it here) and he has won every fight since, including a rematch with Lawal for the promotion's 205-pound interim title, a hard-fought split-decision win over Vegh to unify the Bellator crowns, and two title defenses against Joey Beltran and the aforementioned Vassel.

"The Hardcore Kid" looked to be having a slow start versus Beltran at Bellator 124 until connecting on another spinning-back fist and he had to go into the fifth round to put away Vassel after the mental issues he explained to lock up that submission victory.

Point being, it isn't getting any easier and all of these fights have been fairly close. Is the champion suffering the usual effects of holding the crown and having more pressure placed on his shoulders?

"I don't believe in pressure," he says defiantly. "I believe in abundance and believing in a deeper understanding of yourself. If you what we've been -- quotation marks called -- pressure, people put these stigmas on things and make life harder. It's like no, you have to go through it. Go through, get past it and become better. So no, I go into every fight knowing that victory has been given to me because that is all I require of myself.

"And I don't follow the weight of the flesh. I don't follow the confusion, the fear, the worry, the concern, the pride ... those aren't' acts I follow. I follow patience, kindness, love and understanding. Because I follow those paths, only victory will be given to me. No fight is about pressure. It's just about overcoming and transcending to something much bigger than myself."


In case you haven't guessed, Newton is very much a religious and spiritual man. His father was a pastor, as was his grandfather. Newton has chosen to lead congregations in a cage for a living as opposed to in a church, but much like he broke down his mental lapses in his last fight, the California-based fighter delved into his religious beliefs.

"I come from a Christian background, but religion is made for man; it's made for the simple-minded man," said Newton. "Granted, religion connects people to spiritualism. I'm connected to spiritualism. I have stories that will make people's skin crawl, just my life and the things that I've seen. I believe in God. I serve God. I serve the universe and the stars that were made above. There are so many thing that people don't take notice of: Why do we have ten fingers and ten toes? Why can we only use 10 percent of our brain? Why if I walk 10 yards away from something, my eyesight immediately changes? Because it's the mechanics of the universe.

"We are protons and neutrons and electrons and we are no different than a computer program, except we are carbon and we have a soul. We have flesh and we have a soul. That is what allows us to be more powerful. We don't understand that we are just like a computer program. We can be programmed to be fearful or be scared. That's when it goes into the programming of the flesh and the bigger reason why, but we are not going to get into that. That' s why I disconnect from that program of the flesh and I connect to the program of the spirit. The proper program that we are supposed to be connecting to ourselves to give us abundance and wealth and to be able to help us and the world around us."

The 25-7-1 fighter's wins and good fortune inside the Bellator cage have certainly been plentiful. Newton, of course, believes he is destined for victory over McGeary, who by the way is undefeated as a professional (9-0). McGeary is a dangerous opponent, with outstanding striking and submission skills, but Newton is certain he will take care of business inside the distance once again.

"I see myself finishing him. That's just what it is. That is what I require and that is what will be given to me. He said he was going to kill me, even though he was joking, but that is not something that leaves your mouth. I understand this is a sport where you can die. Chances are very slim. I don't when the last time was that somebody died in MMA.


"To say that it means that you are taking me away from my family. You are taking me away from my friends. You are taking me away from the work I am supposed to do for God while I am on this earth. So because of that I am coming in to finish this man. It doesn't matter who I fight. It doesn't matter who it is. People can have their doubts, but I've proven doubters wrong multiple times and I'll do it again."

The Bellator champion says McGeary is "tough everywhere, long and awkward." He doesn't think the Brit is a better striker, but he did give him respect for his Brazilian jiu-jitsu pedigree. McGeary can be dangerous, as well as slick and sneaky, as evidenced by his inverted triangle choke finish over Kelly Anundson at Bellator 124.

"But is he going to beat me? No he's not," Newton said with confidence.

"I just don't see where he has any chance of beating me. I don't get submitted. I get out of submissions. Liam likes to lay on his back. He is going to play that game where he is looking for a triangle, armbar or kimura. If you try to play that game with me you are going to be in for a long and painful night."

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