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Invicta FC 11 'Cyborg vs Tweet' results, LIVE stream updates

Photo by Esther Lin, Invicta FC

She's back.

More than 1.5 years since mauling Marloes Coenen for the Invicta FC featherweight title, former Strikeforce champ Cris "Cyborg" Justino will return to the Invicta cage, taking on fellow finisher Charmaine Tweet in the main event of Invicta FC 11 TONIGHT (Fri., Feb. 27, 2015) from Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, California. will deliver LIVE coverage below, starting with the UFC Fight Pass "Prelims" under card matches at 10 p.m. ET.

"The City of Angels" will also play host to a clash of elite strawweight prospects as unbeaten Alexa Grasso faces 20-year-old phenom Mizuki Inoue. Elsewhere on the card, undefeated DeAnna Bennett faces Norma Rueda Center, who was last seen upsetting grappling champion Michelle Nicolini.


Invicta Featherweight Title: Cristiane Justino def. Charmaine Tweet by TKO (punches) at 0:46 of Round One

Strawweight: Alexa Grasso def. Mizuki Inoue by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28 x2)

Strawweight: DeAnna Bennett def. Norma Rueda Center by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Bantamweight: Irene Aldana def. Colleen Schneider by submision (rear-naked choke) at 1:05 of Round One

Strawweight: Jamie Moyle def. J.J. Aldrich by technical submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:20 of Round One

Strawweight: Amy Montenegro def. Brianna van Buren by unanimous decision(30-27, 29-28 x2)

Flyweight: Christine Stanley def. Laura Salazar by TKO (punches) at 2:59 of Round One

Flyweight: Aspen Ladd def. Ana Carolina Vidal by TKO (punches and elbows) at 4:21 of Round One


Cristiane Justino vs. Charmaine Tweet

Round one: Counter hook from Cyborg, then a heavy right hand. HUGE overhand right form Cyborg drops Tweet. Cyborg dropping heavy punches from her open guard. She stands and allows Tweet to do so when the stoppage isn't coming. Once there, she blasts her with more heavy punches until Herb Dean steps in.

Final result: Justino def. Tweet by TKO (punches)


Alexa Grasso vs. Mizuki Inoue

Round one: Low kick from Grasso. Jabs from Inoue, straight right by Grasso. Inside exchange. Low kick by Inoue, front kick to the fance. Grasso leg kick, 1-2. One minute in. 1-3 from Grasso. Leg kick met by a counter right from Inoue. Grasso lands a spinning back kick and they exchange inside. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Grasso, straight right by Inoue. Grasso low kick, Inoue left hook. Hard counter right from the Japanese fighter. Inoue eats a low kick and a 3-2. Two minutes to go.

Grasso lands a straight right, eats a counter right. Another counter right, Grasso answers with a leg and a body kick. 1-2 by Grasso. Grasso leg kick and right hand. Double jab and lead left hook. One minute to go. Inoue head kick blocked and she shoots in, completing the takedown. Grasso pops right back up, clinched against the fence. Short right hands by Inoue, good knees from Grasso. They return to the center before the bell. 10-9 Grasso.

Round two: Both women fire kicks early, falling short. Grasso leg kick lands. Inoue flurries, eats a right hand. One minute in. Counter right from Inoue. Grasso leg kick, head kick. Grasso lands some hard punches inside as Inoue ties up and they exchange at point-blank. Punches from Inoue, knees from Grasso. Inoue pressing her against the fence, lands some elbows before they separate. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Inoue, right hand after. Grasso hook kick just misses. Grasso leg kicks, body kick right after. They trade punches near the fence. Grasso low kick. Inoue's left eye is swelling shut. Good combination from Grasso. Two minutes to go.

Straight right lands for Grasso, then a leg kick that's met by a right hand. Inoue shoots in and completes a single-leg. Grasso hunting for an armbar, locks up an inverted triangle and a Kimura at the same time. She loses the latter, still has the former. One minute to go. Inoue defending the choke. Grasso looking again for the Kimura. Inoue survives to the bell. 10-9 Grasso.

Round three: Counter hook from Inoue as she presses forward. Front kick lands for her. Body shots from Grasso, who circles away from the fence. Low kick connects for her. Inoue shoots in and Grasso again looks for the Kimura. Inoue gets out and takes side control. One minute in. Grasso looking to bridge, regains half guard. Inoue looking for an arm-triangle. Inoue takes her back off a failed escape, then gets mount. Bakc to half guard. Two minutes in. Inoue staying on top against scrambling attack. She takes half guard, only to get swept. Inoue sweeps her way back to her feet in short order. Two minutes to go.

Body kick from Grasso, Inoue shoots in and Grasso looks for an armbar. Inoue frees herself, but Grasso makes her way back to her feet. Inoue pressing her against the cage, taking knees to the body. Inoue looking for a single-leg, runs the pipe and completes it. One minute to go. Good upkicks from Grasso to keep Inoue off of her. Inoue comes down, landing in side control. Inoue takes mount. Grasso trying to scramble up, can't do so before the bell. 10-9 Inoue.

Final result: Grasso def. Inoue by unanimous decision


DeAnna Bennett vs. Norma Rueda Center

Round one: Straight left from Center is the first real strike. Low kicks from Bennett. She lands a left, then clinches and takes Center to the fence with double unders. One minute in. Knees to the legs. Center answers. Thirty seconds later, Center still fighting off the takedown. They move to an adjacent section of fence. Two minutes in. They land a few punches inside before separating. Straight left from Bennett staggers Center. Bennett takes her to the fence again, landing knees to the body and legs. Two minutes to go.

They jockey for position before again separating. Counter right from Center off a leg kick. Straight right by Bennett. One minute to go. Bennett wades in with a flurry, eats a pair of knees form the Thai plum.  Bennett with some low kicks. Center catches a front kick, lands a knee to the head. Bell, 10-9 Bennett.

Round two: Center head kick is blocked, leg kick connects. Inside leg kick from Bennett. Neither woman committing to strikes. One minute in. Lots of feinting. Stiff jab by Bennett. Body kick lands. Low kick. Straight right. Center shoots in, gets taken to the fence. Two minutes in. Bennett kneeing the legs. They separate, Center missing on a knee. Two minutes to go.

Center looking for leg kicks. Low kick from Bennett. She's landed a few front kicks to the body, though without anything on them. Bennett catches a body kick and takes her once again to the fence. One minute to go. They split when Center looks for the plum. They trade punches, Bennett landing a pair of left. Flurry from Center doesn't connect. 3-2-3 from Center and Bennett clinches up until the bell. 10-9 Bennett.

Round three: Bennett still tossing out that front kick, eats a leg kick. Center again to the leg, Bennett answers. Superman punch and left hook by Center. Bennett wades in behind punches and locks up against the cage. Knees to the legs from Bennett. One minute in. Center threatens a takedown and makes space.  Back to the center. Bennett ties up again. Both working for position on the fence. Two minutes in. Bennett winning the positional battle, elects to make space. Flurry from Center connects. Once again. Bennett front kick falls short. Two minutes to go.

Inside leg kicks and oblique kicks from Bennett, Center with some knees. Center taunting Bennett. Stiff left from Center. Center looks for a flying something but gets taken again to the cage. Knee from Center, right hand just misses on the break. One minute to go. Counter right by Center. Bennett takes her to the fence yet again. Center peels her off. Center wading forward, hands down. She just misses with a knee. Bennett ties up and eats a knee at the end of the round. 10-9 Center.

Final result: Bennett def. Center by unanimous decision


Irene Aldana vs. Colleen Schneider

Round one: Both women feinting early. Aldana with a right to the body. Spinning back kick by Schneider, Aldana lands a body shot to begin a combo. A scramble ensues and she locks up the rear-naked choke. One minute in. Schneider resists briefly, then falls to the ground and taps to the choke.

Final result: Aldana def. Schneider by submission (rear-naked choke)


Jamie Moyle vs. J.J. Aldrich

Round one: Aldrich on the front foot. Counter right by Moyle. J.J. with a body kick. Moyle catches a leg kick and takes her down, moving into mount. Aldrich working for half-guard, gets it. Elbows and punches from Moyle. One minute in. Moyle extricates her leg and Aldrich tries to stand, only for Moyle to get both hooks in and apply the RNC. Moyle looking for the choke, not under the chin. Two minutes in. Now it's under the chin and Aldrich goes to sleep.

Final result: Moyle def. Aldrich by technical submission (rear-naked choke)


Brianna van Buren vs. Amy Montenegro

Round one: van Buren opens with an inside leg kick, then looks to go high. Hard teep to the body. Another inside leg kick, then a 2-3 upstairs. Montenegro flicking out her jab, eats a body kick. One minute in. Montenegro ties up and takes her to the cage. van Buren looking for knees, as is Montenegro. Two minutes in. They jockey for position until van Buren throws her to the canvas. Montenegro scrambles up, gets taken back down. Montenegro looks for van Buren's back, can't get it but presses her against the cage. Knees from Montenegro. van Buren reverses position. Two minutes to go.

They trade knees to the body. Montenegro in the dominant clinch position, looks for a single-leg. van Buren with a front headlock, snaps her down. Montenegro back to her feet, van Buren looking to change levels. One minute to go. Jockeying for position against the cage. Montenegro changes levels, is denied. Montenegro still looking for knees. van Buren changes levels and Montenegro pulls guard on a guillotine. van Buren gets her head out before the bell. 10-10.

Round two: Low kick exchange to start the round. Solid combination from van Buren, who takes Montenegro to the cage. Montenegro's cut over her left eye. She makes space and they return to center cage. Solid punches inside from van Buren as they tie up. One minute in. Montenegro reverses position on the cage, lands some good knees and elbows. Good knees by Montenegro. Two minutes in, van Buren reverses position but eats a sequence of knees. Right from BvB on the exit and Montenegro shoots back in against the fence. More knees. van Buren splits, gets tied up again. Now van Buren makes space near the center. Two minutes to go.

They battle in the clinch with knees and punches. Montenegro takes her back to the cage, can't keep her there. Montenegro ties up again and van Buren shoots. Montenegro looks for the back crucifix but winds up on the bottom in half guard. One minute to go. van Buren looking for an arm-triangle, loses it but takes mount.  Montenegro rolls her over, avoiding an armbar in the process. Montenegro ends the round on top. 10-9 Montenegro.

Round three: BvB opens with a leg kick, then a teep. Montenegro ties up and they trade knees to the body as she takes van Buren to the fence. Montenegro looks for a single-leg and van Buren uses the opportunity to hop onto her back. Montenegro working to land on top, but gives up a Kimura. Montenegro turns into top position and drops some heavy elbows. One minute in. Big punches from Montenegro from the front headlock. van Buren can't get her down and Montenegro takes dominant position in the clinch. Knees from Montenegro. Two minutes in. Montenegro attacking the legs and body. Level elbows from Montenegro, van Buren tries and fails to enter the clinch. Two minutes to go.

van Buren looks for a fireman's carry, eats some shots and gets taken back to the fence. More knees, some to the head. They separate and Montenegro tries to re-enter the clinch. van Buren snaps her down but gets taken back to the fence. One minute to go. They trade elbows. Dirty boxing by Montenegro, mixed in with yet more knees. Round ends with them trading knees to the body. 10-9 Montenegro.

Final result: Montenegro def. van Buren by unanimous decision


Christine Stanley vs. Laura Salazar

Round one: Stanley tries a wheel kick, fires a head kick inside. A huge right hand wobbles Salazar and another sends her to the ground. Stanley doesn't jump on her and Salazar gets in on a leg. She gets Stanley to the mat, but Stanley scrambles up and drops Browne elbows. Salazar working to drag her down against the fence, gets her to her seat. One minute in. Stanley gets to her feet, eats some knees to the body. Two big knees from Stanley and Salazar shoots in. Stanley stuffs it and drops punches and elbows, moving to top turtle. Stanley latches onto a leg, gives up her back in the process. Two minutes in. Salazar with punches and elbows from back mount. Stanley takes full back mount, pinning Stanley's arm, but she loses it and goes back to dropping punches and hammerfists from top turtle. Stanley continues laying on the shots until Mike Beltran steps in.

Final result: Stanley def. Salazar by TKO (punches)


Ana Carolina Vidal vs. Aspen Ladd

Round one: Vidal lands a right hand early and clinches up, hitting a head-and-arm toss on Ladd after taking her to the fence. Vidal on top in side control. She nearly passes to mount, but Ladd manages to gain half guard. Ladd scrambles and VIdal takes her back, only for Ladd to take top position in closed guard. One minute in. Vidal with wrist control, Ladd posturing up. Good left hand from Ladd. The referee stands them up before too long. Good jabs by Ladd, then some exchanging in the clinch. Vidal hits the throw again, landing in armbar position. Two minutes in. Ladd extricates her elbow and looks to drop punches. Hammerfists by Ladd, VIdal counters with a heel hook attempt. Two minutes to go.

Ladd works her foot free and starts dropping ground-and-pound as Vidal works to attack. Ladd standing over her and kicking her legs. Vidal latches onto a foot, eats more punches for her trouble. Vidal taking some hard shots in her pursuit of the leglock. One minute to go. Vidal turns to stand, gets caught in turtle position. Ladd blasting her with punches, taking the mount and then the back. Ladd pounding away and it's not long before the ref steps in.

Final result: Ladd def. Vidal by TKO (punches and elbows)


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