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UFC 184's Holly Holm: Claiming Ronda Rousey can beat me in a boxing match is like saying I can armbar her in jiu-jitsu

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Ronda Rousey's ever-improving striking skills (see them here), it's safe to say Holly Holm is the best stand-up fighter in women's mixed martial arts (MMA).

After all, Holm is a former pro boxing champion with 38 matches to her credit including 33 victories, nine of them by way of knockout/technical knockout.

Still, that didn't stop "Rowdy's" head coach from claiming that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion would beat Holm in a straight-up boxing match. And though "The Preacher's Daughter" didn't take offense to the claim, she did offer a rebuttal to FOX Sports, saying that competing in a pure boxing match is an entirely different world than when striking in MMA.

And while she doesn't knock the confidence, she does feel the comments are a bit bold.

"Here's what I think about it -- I took no offense because her coaches and her team behind her have faith in her and I think that's how it should be. So I took no offense to it, but I don't really know if they understand how different a boxing fight is from MMA. That's really bold to say because that's like saying I could go into a jiu-jitsu tournament and I'm going to armbar Ronda Rousey. That is a lot to say. I am not that type to talk about it, but I mean boxing's very different. Style wise if you really look at it, she's definitely getting very good at a lot of her striking and there's no way I would ever look past it. Anything can happen in there. So I'm not even going to talk as confident as they are, but in a fight and that fight style you can't clinch and Judo throw and can't hold on while they are punching. There's inside boxing, there's a whole different rule set and mind set and there's a whole different game plan and it's a whole different world."

As always, Holm has had nothing but good things to say about Ronda's striking and her dominance in MMA. And it must be reiterated that it's Edmund Tarrverdyan making the "humorous" comments and not "Rowdy" herself.

"If you've never had a professional boxing fight, I feel like that's a lot to say, but I would never expect them to feel any differently. They should feel like they are the best at everything because that is what makes a good champion. There's a reason why Ronda is champion. She believes in herself to be the best in the world. If you don't think you're going to get there, you're already defeated. I'm not even offended that they said it. It's kind of humorous, but I'm not offended by it."

Rousey will defend her 135-pound strap this weekend (Sat., Feb. 28, 2015) against Cat Zingano in the main event of UFC 184 from Los Angeles, California. In the co-main event, Holm will make her much-anticipated Octagon debut as she battles Raquel Pennington.

Should they both prove victorious, it's not too far-fetched to believe Holm and Rousey will find themselves staring each other down in the near future.

Giving Rousey the chance to back up her coach's bold claims.

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