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Josh Neer gym video victim, Patrick Martin, claims he was blindsided, beatdown after the bell

Let's go to the video tape! Or not ...

Photo via Patrick Martin's Public Facebook page

Mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran, Josh Neer -- who did about 15 tours inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon -- and his handlers have been busy all day trying to erase traces of a 14-second unsanctioned "bully beatdown" highlight video.

But, as "The Dentist" is now more than likely very aware, the viral footprint of clickable and shareable media in this day and age is essentially permanent (WATCH IT HERE!).

Neer also likely quickly realized that the amateur act -- coming from a trained, well-traveled MMA professional -- is a terrible look. It's not like his victim, Patrick Martin -- who stands 6'6" tall and weighs 240 pounds -- mugged an old lady or banged his.

In addition, Neer will likely now have to answer for his actions the next time he competes or applies for a fight license from a state athletic commission. In fact, Iowa Athletic Commission Executive Director Joe Walsh recently informed that he was "are aware of the situation" and the legal team is "taking a thorough look at our rules ... to see if we have anything on the books that covers this."

Neer hails from Iowa, which is where the incident took place. An incident, at least according to Martin, that isn't as it seems thanks to some not-so fancy editing ... like cutting out the actual three-minute sparring session that occurred before the 14-second ground-and-pound, kick-to-the-face finish.

Martin tells his side of the story (via

"We had a 3 minute sparring round that he couldn't score or take me down! He threw wild punches I dodged and counter and with my 16 oz. gloves I did all the punching also mixed a couple kicks in! Everything you see is after the round bell sounded as I turned away from him picking up my mouth piece I dropped after the round!... He's adding all this talk, that I talk shit about MMA fighters when I talked shit to him after disrespecting me a bout a wrestling drill I was tired in! So I left it alone till I saw him out and I bought him a couple beers and then he walked of talking shit to his buddy about me! So I blew up on him on Facebook demanding a full contact spar! I said I'll bring 16oz. So the beef is with him and a couple other of his gyms fighter who was talking shit on my page!... I'm not scared of fucking Josh Neer! Nor any man! He don't wanna show the full video so I'll let him think he won! I seen his game plan fighting me and that's not gonna work!"

It's doubtful that Neer, who stands 5'11 and probably walks around in the neighborhood of 185 pounds, will grant Martin a rematch. Not with this kind of heat. And with Martin looking to turn professional later this year, it's likely that he will be matched up against massive men his size.

Massive men who are prohibited from, allegedly, throwing cheap shots after the bell.

Now about that full video ...

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