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Video: Chuck Liddell explains UFC's new drug policy on Tommy Toe Hold

Eight years in a Zuffa dungeon with Vitor ...

What's up fight fans!

Welcome to another special edition of TTTHS brought to you by SB Nation! I'm the failed pre-fight random drug test of mixed martial arts (MMA), Tommy Toe Hold.

Today: UFC's new drug policy (more details here) as explained by (NOT) Chuck Liddell in an employee orientation video from the 1980's. Trust us: It's better than the one he just wrapped for FOX News (watch that replay here).

I love orientation videos!

Every job I've ever had (minus being a cartoon on the Internet) has always had them and they were always super cheesy, so when I heard the new drug policy for UFC, I thought it would be awesome to make an orientation video for a new UFC fighter explaining the ins-and-outs of the new expectations.

Of course, I have completely exaggerated everything because too much of stuff is comedy (waka waka), but the spirit of the new harsher penalties remains the same.

Enjoy fight fans!