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Underdogs, bookie-busting parlays send Sportsbook to $1 million loss after UFC Fight Night 61

Who says the house always wins?

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

If you put some coin down on last night's (Sun., Feb. 22, 2015) UFC Fight Night 61 event, chances are you didn't make much of a profit.

Unless, of course, you were banking on the underdogs.

According to FOX Sports, Bovada LV -- one of the leading online sportsbooks in the world -- took a massive hit after most of the betting favorites lost during the FOX Sports 1 event. 10 of 11, to be exact, including Frank Mir's first-round destruction against heavy favorite, Antonio Silva.

Full video highlights here.

According to Kevin Bradly, manager of Bovada LV, the website suffered a $1 million hit after some very lucky betters hit their underdog parlays:

"We take in so much more money on the NFL or the NBA that when you have these types of parlay winners, it's hard to hurt [our business]. With UFC, this will be hard to come back from."

One lucky person reportedly won $85,000 off a $4 bet, while another gambler hit four separate $1 parlays that proved to be winners. The result? A $25,000 payout for each ticket, which for all you math majors out there, equals a grand total of $100,000 in winnings.

This is exactly why I don't bet on mixed martial arts (MMA). Or maybe I should start betting on the long shots more often. Then again, what are the chances that another UFC event sees all but one of the underdogs come out on top?

So ... any of you Maniacs make out like a fat rat after last night's event?

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