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Bigfoot Silva has a message for fair-weather UFC fans: I will not retire!

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Antonio Silva was wiped out last Sunday night -- courtesy of Frank Mir's punches -- and had to face the mixed martial arts (MMA) media after UFC Fight Night 61 wrapped on FOX Sports 1 in Brazil.

Where "Bigfoot" shucked off any and all talk of retirement.

That's the kind of thing that happens when you hit 35 and find yourself mired in a 0-3-1 slump, with all three losses coming by way of knockout or technical knockout. But as Silva told reporters at the "Bigfoot vs. Mir" post-fight press conference (watch it here), you're only as good as your last performance.

His words.

"Unfortunately, the Brazilian fans think that when you lose, you're no good, you need to retire. And when you win, you're the best. Unfortunately I didn't have the victory, but the Brazilian fans are like that -- ‘now it's time for me to retire, now it's time for me to stop,' but then tomorrow if I have a great fight, and then I have another great fight, and all of a sudden you're the best. I did everything right this time. I was very focused. I had a lot of will, something that last time I didn't have. But unfortunately it wasn't my day and another defeat came. Now it's time to get back and train even harder and hope for my next fight."

One more loss and it won't be the fans Silva has to worry about.

Unfortunately for "Bigfoot," his situation is not unique to MMA. Any professional athlete in any sport can expect the same treatment, particularly in larger markets like New York. One big strikeout, dropped pass, missed lay-up, etc., and the fans will be calling for your head.

No pun intended.

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