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Video: Dana White confident UFC will move faster with the war on PEDs than MLB did

"We're going to move a lot faster than baseball did. They are hitting a ball with a stick, who cares? You have two human beings going in to compete in combat sports and if one is using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs), it's incredibly dangerous."

While the hot topic in mixed martial arts (MMA) over the last few months has been performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) being at the root of one failed drug test after another, Major League Baseball (MLB) has been dealing with a major PED issue for the last few decades. And while MLB officials have done their best to clean up the sport of baseball, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White says his company's efforts to clean up his respective sport will be a lot faster. That's because two competitors going in and punching on each other, obviously, is more dangerous (via Fox Sports) than a man trying to hit home-runs. That's why White, along with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, laid out a new attack on the war on PED's that will see all fighters on every fight card be tested vigorously moving forward. And much like MLB recently did with one of its biggest stars in Alex Rodriguez -- by suspending him for an entire season for his PED use --UFC will also look into handing down longer suspensions. For more on UFC's plans to clean up MMA click here.

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