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Golovkin vs Murray full fight results, live play-by-play stream

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Kazakhstan's most terrifying export will ply his craft inside Salle des Etoiles in Monte Carlo, Monaco, this evening (Sat., Feb. 21, 2015) as knockout artist Gennady Golovkin faces England's Martin Murray in a clash of Top 10-ranked middleweight standouts. will deliver LIVE coverage of "Golovkin vs. Murray" below, starting with the HBO broadcast at 5:45 p.m. ET.

Golovkin (31-0, 28 KO) has been nothing short of a force of nature throughout his career, knocking out his last 18 opponents and making it look easy. An Olympic silver medalist with an astounding 345-5 amateur record, the Kazakh bruiser has torn apart elite competition, including Top 15-ranked Daniel Geale and Marco Antonio Rubio in his last two appearances.

Murray (29-1-1, 12 KO) has proven he's no joke himself, giving former champions Felix Sturm and Sergio Martinez all they could handle. Though he walked away with a draw and unanimous decision loss, respectively, both outcomes were considered controversial. He is currently on a four-fight winning streak since the loss to Martinez and is ranked No. 9 at middleweight by


Middleweight Championship: Gennady Golovkin def. Martin Murray by TKO at 0:50 of Round Eleven


Round one: Golovkin on the front foot, jabbing. Murray jabs the body. Slapping overhand right from the Englishman, glancing left uppercut soon after. Murray to the body. One minute in. Murray to the body once more. Clinch. Once more. Murray attacking the body well. GGG bounces a 3-2 off the guard. Body shot from him prompts a clinch. One minute to go. Another clinch. They exchange. Golovkin with a right hand and left to the body. Clinch. Murray with a pair of body shots, then a clinch. Murray lands another overhand right, avoids an uppercut and clinches. Clinch. 10-9 Murray.

Round two: Golovkin once again advancing. Murray clinches when he's moved to the ropes, to the displeasure of the crowd. Another clinch. Murray lands an overhand right and a series of body blows. Golovkin cracks him with an overhand and body shot before eating another right. One minute in. Murray body blow and clinch. Clinch. Again. Golovkin lands a right uppercut to the body after taking him to the ropes and gets clinched. Murray with a left hook, eats one to the body and clinches. Another body shot, answered by Murray. One minute to go. Murray's body attack working well. Overhand right connects, then a pair of body blows. Golovkin straight right and body shot. Two more body shots by Murray. Golovkin lands an uppercut. Clinch. 20-18 Murray.

Round three: Inside exchange. Golovkin with a right to the body on the ropes. Clinch. 1-2 from Murray, then a body shot. Murray taunting a bit as they bounce punches off each other's guard. Murray body shot. Again. Golovkin doubles up the left hook. One minute in, clinch. Golovkin body shot, Murray answers after tripling up the left hand. Golovkin uppercut met by a clinch. 1-2 from GGG, he eats a counter right. Golovkin body blow and overhand right. Murray fires back and Golovkin pours it on before being clinched. One minute to go. Golovkin body shot met by a left hook. Murray left hook. Murray with a trio of body blows. 3-2 from Gennady. Murray tries to clinch and eats more punishment until the bell. 29-28 Murray.

Round four: GGG takes him right to the ropes, hits the body. GGG cutting off the ring and opening up on the ropes. Murray dishing it out as well, landing right hands. Golovkin lands an uppercut before eating a series of body blows. Hard right from Golovkin, another as Murray tries to clinch. Another hard left hook connects. GGG in seek-and-destroy mode. One minute in. GGG with a right to the body. Murray's body shots still landing, but struggling to clinch. They trade body shots. Gennady blasts him with a right to the gut that, after a brief pause, sends Murray to the mat. Murray gets up at 8 with a minute to go. Gennady walking him down, drills him with another right to the body that sends him to a knee. Again, Murray makes it to his feet. Thirty seconds. GGG on the warpath. 1-2 lands for him. Round ends after a brief moment of confusion. 38-36 Golovkin.

Round five: GGG back on the advance. Murray clinches. Lead right connects for him, then a left to the body. He doubles up the left uppercut. Clinch. GGG with an overhand right and uppercut that busts open Murray's nose. Golovkin blasting away. Murray can't stay off the ropes. One minute in. Murray still firing back. They trade right hands. Good overhand right from Murray met by a right downstairs. 1-2-1 from the Englishman. One minute to go. Golobkin cracks him with a right around the guard, takes a combo to the body. Golovkin combo on the ropes, then a double uppercut after taking a body shot. Murray with a series of body blows and a hard counter before the bell. 48-45 Golovkin.

Round six: Golovkin swinging hard, clips him with a left hook. Murray continuing to fire back, landing good body shots and overhand rights. GGG uppercut starts off a combo. Clinch. Two right straights. Stiff jab to the body prompts a clinch attempt. Murray furiously attacking the body as GGG advances. Halfway through the round. Murray landing, eats a right around the guard. They trade body shots, Martin lands a pair up top. One minute to go. Murray lands a straight right, takes a left hook and an overhand right. Another left hook by GGG. GGG lands a series of jackhammer uppercuts. Murray straight right. Murray going a bit low with his body shots. 58-54 Golovkin.

Round seven: Murray eats an uppercut, attacks the body. Golovkin wading forward, eats more body shots. Good flurry by Murray. Overhand right by GGG and a left to the body. Combination on the ropes. One minute in. Right uppercut lands, Murray answers and tags the body. GGG with an uppercut and right hook. Hard left hook from Golovkin. Murray clinches after eating a combo on the ropes. One minute to go. 1-2 from the Kazakh, then another. Murray on the ropes for practically the entire round, eats another brutal right to the body. Murray lands some hard counters as GGG gets overeager. 68-63 Golovkin.

Round eight: Murray still getting caught on the ropes, eats a hard right to the body. GGG with a left hook. Combination on the ropes. Murray bounces a flurry off the guard. One minute in. Murray lands a right hand after a sequence of uppercuts.  Body shot, right straight from Gennady. A brutal pair of uppercuts land. Hard 3-2 has Murray on the retreat. Another right hand and Murray clinches so hard it's almost a double-leg. One minute to go. Golovkin in pursuit. Heavy body shot. Right to the body from GGG. Golovkin cracks him with a huge pair of left hooks. An overhand right nearly takes his legs out from under him before the bell. 78-72 Golovkin.

Round nine: GGG just strolling forward, moving Murray to the ropes and landing heavy blows. Murray uppercut. Good combo from the Englishman and another. Golovkin right uppercut. Double left hook, right uppercut. One minute in. Body shot on the ropes. They trade on the ropes. Good combo by Murray. Hard cross by Murray. More exchanges on the ropes. One minute to go. Golovkin nearly trips, takes a combo. Golovkin triples up the left hand. Murray lands a cross. Golovkin left hook to the gut. GGG with a left hook at the bell. 88-81 Golovkin.

Round ten: GGG back on the advance. Straight right connects. Great combination by Murray, who's come alive these last two rounds. Double left hook, left uppercut. GGG with a right to the body, then a sweeping right hook. One minute in. Another left hook by Golovkin, then a right to the body. Another combination by Murray, answered with a series of rights to the head. Murray firing well off the ropes. 1-2 by Gennady. One minute to go. GGG left hook. To the body. Gennady demolishes him with a right cross right at the end of the round, sending Murray to the mat. Somehow, he survives the round. 98-89 Golovkin.

Round eleven: Golovkin going right back to work, taking Murray to the ropes and battering him. Another monster right in the corner sends Murray's head flying back and the referee into action. The Englishman is still standing, but the stoppage was long overdue.

Final result: Golovkin def. Murray by TKO


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