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UFC Quick Quote: Fabricio Werdum believes Anderson Silva 'damaged his image' with failed UFC 183 tests

Werdum wants to see "The Spider" hang up his gloves for good.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

"Anderson let a lot of people down, mostly because he said that fighters using PEDs shouldn't fight anymore. Everybody wants to hear what he has to say. Let's see if he'll keep his word and retire. It damaged his image. Everybody knows who Anderson is and this happened out of nowhere. It damaged the image of the sport too, a image that took a long time to be built. People who dislike MMA say that the sport is a fraud and all fighters use drugs, but that isn't the true. I can speak for myself, I'm a big guy but not that strong and muscled. I have never used."

"Maybe he used something during his recovery and couldn't get clean at the right time? I don't think that he tried to enhance his performance. It's hard to tell. Everything that he did for the sport can't be erased. He had a long career and was a warrior. He was one of the greatest of all time, we can't debate that."

Interim Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight kingpin Fabricio Werdum told Globo in a recent interview (via BloodyElbow) that he wants to see Anderson Silva "keep his word and retire," following "The Spider's" failed UFC 183 pre-fight test for steroids, and his failed post-fight test for anti-anxiety medication.

Considering Silva himself has denied ever cheating and hopes to be exonerated during due process, it is unlikely the former middleweight champion will be hanging them up anytime soon.

Although Werdum admitted Silva's drug testing scandal damaged the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), he has a hard time believing "The Spider" purposefully enhanced his performance -- a similar sentiment held by "Bigfoot" Silva -- but likely used banned substances to quicken the recovery process following his horrific leg fracture at UFC 168 in 2013.

Whatever the case may be, Silva was ultimately caught, and he will have to face the consequences. The former middleweight champ is currently serving a temporary suspension handed down from the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) prior to his disciplinary hearing which will likely be held in March.

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