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UFC Fight Night 61 headliner Frank Mir: CM Punk brings fans, entertainment, and money to MMA

Add another MMA veteran to the growing list of supporters for WWE star turned MMA rookie CM Punk.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) brass signed former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star CM Punk to a multi-fight contract in late 2014, UFC and mixed martial arts (MMA) stars alike have been giving their thoughts on the martial arts neophyte making his Octagon debut later this year.

Nate Diaz was not shockingly riled up over the signing, while King Mo, Tyron Woodley, Robbie Lawler and others have all voiced their support for the former professional wrestler.

You can now add UFC Fight Night 61 headliner Frank Mir to that growing list of supporters for Punk, as the former heavyweight champion recently gave his thoughts on the signing in an interview on Chad Dukes Wrestling Show.

His words:

"I've talked to guys and they get frustrated, ‘Why's this guy getting all this attention? I've fought twenty times.' And I've told them, ‘Hey, one when people watch our sport we're promoting it, which is a good thing for everybody.' I look at guys, you enjoy making a living as a martial artist, it's one of the greatest things. To find something you love that you can get paid for, you've made it in life. So for us to get paid to be marital artists, we can go to the gym and train, hang out, and live this lifestyle, we have to have eyes on us. The sport has to be entertaining, it has to make money. CM Punk brings that. There's gonna be fans watching. If anything instead of being upset, I think I'd be that guy struggling to get that fight with him to be on the opposite side of the cage."

Last month UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta noted Punk will be facing off against someone "MMA media will recognize and know," but the date of the wrestler's Octagon debut is still unknown.

Considering CM Punk was just hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, he may have bigger fish to fry then his UFC debut for now.

As for Mir, the former heavyweight champion looks to snap a four-fight losing streak as he is slated to take on Antonio Silva this weekend in the main event of UFC Fight Night 61 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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