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Chris Weidman wants Anderson Silva to retire after 'weird' win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183

Because there's not better way than going out with a "W."

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Anderson Silva returned to the Octagon this past weekend (Sat., Jan. 31, 2015) at UFC 183 to take on Nick Diaz after more than a year-long absence from fighting because of a gruesome leg break in his previous outing.

And the results were great for the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion, as he outstruck and outpointed the Stockton slugger, all while proving that his leg can hold up for 25 minutes of action.

To watch a full video replay click here.

After the bout, "The Spider" declared he was uncertain what his future in mixed martial arts (MMA) holds, hinting at the possibility of retirement (though some aren't buying it). But, there are a select few out there who would like to see the Brazilian bomber hang up the gloves for good, including a man who knows him very well:

Chris Weidman.

During his appearance on The MMA Hour, "All American" says as a fan of Silva's, he'd love nothing more than to see one of the greatest of all time walk away from the hurt business on a winning note.

His words (via MMA Fighting):

"Being the champion, I know this ends up going further than I'd even want my comments to go, because my opinion, I don't think, really matters that much and I don't want it to weigh on him at all. But me as a fan, if I'm just a normal person, I want to see him done. As Chris Weidman, as me, it's a big money fight, a third fight eventually. But I'd really just like to see him retire. I think he's got a great family, he's got five kids, he's made a lot of money, he has a great legacy. He just won a fight. I wouldn't mind seeing him retire on a ‘W'."

Retiring with a "W" is much better than the alternative had Silva decided to walk away after suffering his only two losses inside the Octagon, which came at the hands of Weidman.

And though "All American" -- the current UFC middleweight champ -- says he has grown to respect his rival, he couldn't help but to label his fight against Diaz "weird." And despite coming out the victor, Silva is nowhere near a title shot in his eyes.

"It was a very weird fight. I have a lot of respect for both fighters, especially Anderson, fighting him twice. I've actually grown to respect Anderson even more. I spoke to him a couple times at 'The Time is Now' event and I think he really has grown as a person. He's a likable guy, he really has become a family guy, more spiritual. I think he's just really grown as a person, so I have a lot of respect for him. In the fight, you know, I'm happy that he came back. He was healthy, he was able to go out there and get a W. But do I think he looked impressive? No. I don't think he's what everybody thought Anderson would look like and what he could do to Nick Diaz. There was a lot going against him with the leg injury, it didn't seem like he was kicking the legs as much as he usually could. But, you know, I don't know. I don't think he deserves a title shot. There's a lot of other guys that I think are better than him right now."

Of course, Silva isn't too interested in the title at the moment, anyway.

So while no one knows exactly what Silva's next move is, you can bet he'll mull it over real good because walking away from paydays like this is easier said than done ... regardless of how much coin you already have stuffed in your piggy bank.