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UFC announces new drug-testing policy designed to 'test every fighter from every card'

Dana, bring me everyone. Whaddaya mean everyone? EV-ERY-ONE!!!!!

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is rolling out what it calls a "drug-testing call to action."

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, along with promotion president Dana White and general counsel Lawrence Epstein, addressed the mixed martial arts (MMA) media earlier today (Weds., Feb. 18, 2015) in response the recent string of failed drug tests.

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"The UFC will immediately advocate to all commissions to test every fighter, in competition, from every card," Fertitta said. "We want 100-percent of the fighters tested. If there is additional cost associated with that outside of any state or federation budget, we will pay for any additional cost required."

That's approximately 984 tests per year.

In addition, all 585 fighters under the ZUFFA banner can expect to be tested for performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) out-of-competition, as well, at a cost of several million dollars. That will supplement -- not replace -- whatever existing testing is scheduled by local regulatory bodies.

They might wanna make a phone call to the gang in Texas.

Fertitta also promised to subject all main events and championship bouts to enhanced testing (roughly 96 combatants). That move, however, will take time to implement as the promotion looks for a third-party agency capable of handling that kind of load (without screwing it up).

The target date is July 1, 2015.

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