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M-1 Medieval: Vadim Finkelchtein promoting MMA fights between armored knights

M-1 Global

So it would appear that M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelchtein has a lot of time on his hands now that his prized racehorse and former PRIDE FC Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko has decided to stay retired.

And you know what they say about idle hands ...

Finky has been brainstorming with Artemiy Gershvald and they came up with an idea that combines mixed martial arts (MMA) and Medieval Times -- minus the chicken dinner.

From the M-1 website:

Artemiy Gershvald and M-1 Global President Vadim Finkelchtein present their new project "M-1 Medieval" - professional fights between armored knights. This is a kind of sports where fighters use to wear armor of medieval warriors and use replicas of ancient swords with blunt razor to fight each other. The very first fight on historical fencing had been held at "M-1 Challenge 50: Battle on Neva" between 5 times Champion of the World and 10-times Champion of Russia - Sergei Ukolov and American Michael Ivey. The fight ended up with a victory of Russian swordsman.

And it all takes place inside a six-sided ring that is a rope/cage hybrid. Sadly, no wench to be found.

I guess CM Punk was right.

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