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Deadpool movie: MMA vet Gina Carano lands 'Angel Dust' role in upcoming Marvel Comics film

A return to MMA? Yeah, right.

Tim P. Whitby via Getty Entertainment

A return to mixed martial arts (MMA) doesn't seem to be in the near future for Gina Carano.

That's because the original face of women's MMA has nabbed her latest acting gig, as The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Gina will appear in the upcoming X-Men Origins: "Wolverine" spin-off titled "Deadpool," as she plays a mutant that possess super strength.

From the report:

According to the trade, Carano will play Angel Dust, a little known mutant whose ability allows her to elevate her adrenaline levels to provide her with super strength. A member of the underground band of mutants who call themselves Morlocks, Angel Dust has barely appeared in the comics outside of a 2002 "Morlocks" miniseries written by Geoff Johns (who is now much better known for his work with the Distinguished Competition).

Carano was rumored to be making her Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut last year, as Dana White was confident he could get a deal done that would've seen "Conviction" challenge Ronda Rousey for her bantamweight title.

As time passed by, it was clear that White and Co. couldn't get the job done. And with the news that Carano will be tied up for the foreseeable future with her latest "Tinseltown" endeavor, it's highly unlikely fight fans will get to see her back inside the cage in 2015.

Her latest gig adds to Gina's ever-growing acting resume, as it will be her eighth Hollywood film, which includes a part in 2013's blockbuster "Fast and Furious 6," where she starred opposite Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and the late Paul Walker.

"Deadpool" stars Ryan Reynolds, T.J. Miller, and Ed Skrein and is scheduled to hit theaters in early 2016.

Thanks to KashAcous for the video.

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