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UFC Fight Night 60 results: Max Holloway wins unanimous decision over Cole Miller in Broomfield

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Max Holloway has been on a tear, winning four Featherweight fights in 2014 (all finishes) and climbing the 145-pound rankings in the process.

Last night (Feb. 14, 2015), "Blessed" didn't show any signs of slowing down against Cole Miller at UFC Fight Night 60, which took place inside 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colo., scoring an impressive unanimous decision over a very game opponent.

Holloway opened up the action with a leg kick and Miller responded in kind. In fact, Miller used kicks early to keep the dangerous Hawaiian a safe distance away. Holloway tried to punch his way in midway through the round and landed a thunderous kick to the gut on the break. Miller, unfazed, continued to walk down Holloway.

Thai clinch from Miller, who threatened with a possible submission before Holloway was able to break free. Miller doing more work inside the clinch, but Holloway was able to get the fight to the ground. It was Miller, though, who was able to score a sweep and attack Holloway's legs.

Holloway defended and landed a few hammer fists before the bell buzzed.

Both fighters touch gloves to start the second and then Miller began to unleash the front kicks once again. Holloway landed a nice spinning back kick, but once again, Miller takes it all in stride. Two minutes in and Miller dives for a takedown, but Holloway is able to step up and land a spinning backfist once the action got upright.

In the ensuing scramble, Holloway charged in and cracked Miller over the left eye with an accidental headbutt. Miller was given time to recover and the stand up action picked up right where it left off. Holloway continued to work with his hands, while Miller was content to use his legs.

Holloway flew in again at the end of the round and appeared to headbutt Miller in the injured eye once again.

Miller was clearly irritated to start the final frame and Holloway was warned about the headbutts. Holloway landed several nice shots with the first minute and Miller didn't respond well, getting trapped up against the cage and then falling to the ground.

Holloway now taking over, landing big shots as Miller can no longer control the distance. Huge shots, but Miller continues to fight back. Miller, whose face is now covered in blood, shoots for a takedown with about one minute remaining in the match and pulls guard in an attempt to play jiu-jitsu.

Holloway, however, wasn't having it and went bananas with 10 seconds left, spinning and throwing whatever he had to finish strong. And it ultimately paid off, with Holloway taking a unanimous decision and scoring his fifth straight win inside the Octagon.

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