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Former WCW and WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg 'seriously considering' GLORY kickboxing contract

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Gotta admit, I didn't see this one coming.

Former WCW and WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg, who operated under the truncated ring name "Goldberg," is training with GLORY kickboxers, probably because he's famous and has enough money to avoid the 9-5 grind and can do whatever the hell he wants.

And once GLORY caught wind of that, this little conversation took place (via Bloody Elbow):

"I put a tweet out saying ‘everybody watching GLORY tonight?' and GLORY re-tweeted it and they said ‘We didn't know you were a fan.' And I said ‘yeah I am such a fan I am training with two pros tomorrow morning', and I mentioned who they were. And they came back and said ‘hey if we offered you a contract would you consider it?' And I was like ‘Reuben, this is exactly what social media does!' You want to reach out and touch people and affect people? You can do it instantly! It's an honor for them to even consider me for [GLORY] and I am seriously considering it. I don't have anything to lose, I don't have anything to prove. I just like being competitive, training three or four days a week. It's fun man, I really want to do it, the point is, who do I do it with? So we will see man."

Alrighty then.

Goldberg, 48, was loosely associated with mixed martial arts (MMA) a few years back as a color commentator for EliteXC (to hilarious results). Unfortunately, he was not well liked by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White (quit crying, bro) and Nick Diaz was uh, not his biggest fan.

So ... Goldberg in GLORY. Who wants it?

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