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UFC Quick Quote: 'There's just no reason everyone shouldn't take steroids'

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

"I would love to hear an argument for why I shouldn't do steroids. Say I'm a young kid and I ask my dad, 'Dad, why shouldn't I take steroids?' Can I say, 'Well, you'll never be world champ.' That's not true. Anderson Silva's world champ. 'Well, you'll never fight for a title.' That's not true. Chael Sonnen tested positive, fought for a title. 'Well, you'll never be The Ultimate Fighter coach.' Nope, Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva. 'Well, you'll never be a main event.' No, not true. Alistair Overeem's a main event. Bigfoot Silva's a main event. 'Well, listen, you might get fired.' No, not really. Guys pop all the time. If it's cheating, everyone else is doing it and they're getting rewarded for it... There's just no reason everyone shouldn't take steroids. Someone give me a legit reason why you would tell a young fighter not to take them. I would love to hear a good argument. 'Well, you'll get fined $3000 and you'll have to sit out six months, maybe nine.' I fight every six months anyway."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Brendan Schaub is hot under the collar in the wake of all the recent drug test failures (like these). In fact, it's gotten to the point where "Big Brown" can't think of a legitimate reason to dissuade young, up-and-coming fighters from taking the king of performance-enhancing drugs. Perhaps he's overlooking the terrible bacne, enlarged breasts, and Raisinets ball bag as possible receipts for that sort of purchase. In addition, Schaub (via MMA Fighting) is "infuriated" that he was forced to sling leather with fighters who were "jacked up on steroids" like Lavar Johnson (his words) and calls himself the "Leonard Garcia of the heavyweight division." Maybe Phil Baroni wasn't so crazy after all?

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