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Bellator 133 LIVE results stream

Tonight's main card on Spike TV includes Melvin Manhoef vs. Alexander Shlemenko, Pat Curran vs. Daniel Weichel, and the promotional debut of Julia Budd. Real-time results begin with "prelim" fights at 7 p.m. ET right here!

Bellator 133: "Manhoef vs. Shlemenko" takes place TONIGHT (Fri., Feb. 13, 2015) at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California. It's the second of Bellator MMA's new format of monthly shows, as "seasons" and "tournaments" are now a bygone era for the promotion.

The main event tonight promises to be an explosive middleweight showdown. Melvin Manhoef is coming off a shocking loss to Joe Schilling at Bellator 131, and he's looking to prove he's still one of MMA's most feared strikers. Shlemenko suffered an equally devastating loss to Brandon Halsey, losing his Bellator middleweight title in the process.

A win for Shlemenko would put him in the driver's seat for a rematch.

The rest of the card is stacked with intriguing fights. Former featherweight champion Pat Curran looks to reassert his stature in the division facing a streaking and dangerous Daniel Weichel. Women's featherweight veteran Julia Budd makes her Bellator debut against Gabrielle Holloway. Impressive wrestler and striker Chris Honeycutt moves up from the prelims to face Clayton MacFarlane.

Bellator 133 airs tonight (Feb. 13, 2015) on Spike TV starting at 9 p.m. ET. will be here all night long to bring you LIVE Bellator 133 results and play-by-play for the televised fights along with the under card action on at 7 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 133) about the bouts before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!


Main Card (Spike TV):

Melvin Manhoef vs. Alexander Shlemenko: Shlemenko via KO (spinning backfist) 1:25 of R2.

Pat Curran vs. Daniel Weichel: Weichel via SD - 29-28 X2, 28-29.

Julia Budd vs. Gabrielle Holloway: Budd via UD - 30-26, 30-25, 30-24.

Chris Honeycutt vs. Clayton MacFarlane: Honeycutt wins via TKO at 4:16 of R3.

Preliminary Card (

Art Arciniega vs. Emilio Chavez: Chavez wins via UD 30-27, 29-28 X2.

Paul Ruiz vs. Nicolas Sperling: Ruiz wins via sub (guillotine) at 0:43 of R1.

Blake Watkins vs. George Zuniga: Watkins wins via KO at 0:55 of R1.


Melvin Manhoef vs. Alexander Shlemenko

Round 1: Manhoef is in the red trunks tonight, Shlemenko the black, and our referee is John McCarthy. Shlemenko throws the first spin kick and misses. He shoots for a leg and Manhoef scrambles away. Spinning heel kick by Shlemenko misses. Another takedown is stuffed. Shlemenko is full of nervous energy. Manhoef backs away as two kicks land. Shlemenko goes for a spinning backfist and a takedown and the two body lock. Manhoef with a kick as they break. Another spinning kick and a shoot. Shlemenko pushes Manhoef into the fence. Manhoef is wrned not to grab the shorts. Manhoef with a left to the body. Shlemenko with a knee. He looks for a standing guillotine but it's not there. Shlemenko tries to wear Manhoef down against the fence and throw body shots. McCarthy calls for work at 3:08. Manhoef spins out and then meets a spinning back kick. Body kick by Manhoef as they get apart. Shlemenko misses on a takedown and Manhoef misses with a left hook. Another spinning backfist, another takedown attempt. Manhoef lands a right but Shlemenko eats it. Jump knee from Shlemenko. Manhoef blocks another takedown and is pushed to the cage. That's where R1 ends with Shlemenko appearing to have gotten the better of it thus far.

Round 2: It's time to see if Shlemenko's strategy to wear Manhoef down will pay dividends in the cage. SHLEMENKO STUNS MANHOEF WITH A SPINNING BACKFIST, turns around as Manhoef is reeling backward, AND IT'S OVER as McCarthy dives in. Unofficially 1:25 of the second round as we await the official announcement.

Final Result: Shlemenko wins via KNOCKOUT due to a spinning backfist at 1:25 of R2.


Pat Curran vs. Daniel Weichel

Round 1: Curran is in the white trunks, Weichel the black. Our referee in charge is John McCarthy. With the sound of the bell and a touch of gloves we're underway. Curran looks for openings with the jab and the hook as Weichel kicks away, then Weichel unloads a big right hand, forcing Curran to rethink that plan. McCarthy calls time at 2:08 as Curran appears to take an eyepoke. Weichel gets a warning "fingers up instead of out" and we restart quickly. Curran keeps his hands up to avoid more damage. He lands a right hook at 3:15 then Weichel momentarily trips him to the ground, and does so a second time without taking advantage of either instance. Weichel has forced Curran to the outside to circle and is stinging him with hands. Weichel tries a jump knee. Weichel turns it up to end the round. 10-9 Weichel.

Round 2: Weichel continues to push Curran to the outer circle in the opening minute of R2. You can see Curran's face getting more and more red as time goes by, and his left eye is swelling shut. Keeping his hands up defensively is not enough at this point to stop the accuracy and power Weichel is showing. He finally gets slowed down when Curran gets a takedown at 3:42. Curran tries to jump his way to a better position but winds up in the full guard at the bell. I'd score the round for Weichel but maybe a sympathetic judge finds counter-striking + takedown = 10-9 for Curran.

Round 3: Weichel gets a takedown a minute into R3 and Curran pops right back up. Curran shoots for a single leg at 1:28 that's stuffed. Weichel shoots again and puts Curran on the fence, landing a right as they break. Curran and Weichel stand and trade as each look for an opening to drop levels. Weichel tags Curran several times and he backs away. Weichel gets the takedown at 3:05 and Curran is up at 3:13. Curran fakes a jump knee but it doesn't help, and his single leg is stuffed as Weichel drives him to the fence with a guillotine. Weichel knees him in the shoulder as McCarthy reminds him to keep it legal. They break. Curran tries and fails to hit a takedown late as time expires.

Final Result: 29-28 Curran, 29-28 Weichel, 29-28 Weichel - Weichel gets the split decision victory.


Julia Budd vs. Gabrielle Holloway

Round 1: Julia Budd is in the yellow top and trunks, Holloway is in the black. Our referee in charge is Michael Bell. Budd takes the center right away after the opening bell, then bulls Holloway into the cage looking to wrestle. She gets a takedown to full mount at 0:33 and Holloway quickly gives up her back. Budd can't get the hooks in and Holloway stands back up at 1:22. Level change and a single leg takedown by Budd at 1:37. Holloway gives up her back again to get to her feet. Budd throws knees at her posterior then single legs her again as Holloway is warned not to grab the fence. This time Budd gets both hooks in on the back but Holloway manages to spin on top. Budd ties her up and Holloway backs off to avoid her right arm being taken. Budd throws a head kick as they stand back up. Budd with another single leg at 4:08. Holloway back up at 4:26. Body kick by Budd on the break. More from range. Budd cracks Holloway with a right and she shoots to survive until the bell. 10-9 Budd.

Round 2: Budd wastes no time pushing Holloway to the fence again, throwing her to the ground 40 seconds in. Holloway gives up her back to avoid a submission and takes knees to the body as she works to her feet. Budd takes her down again at 1:53 with a single leg, and another knee to the body as Holloway stands up. Knees to the leg and a foot stomp follow. Her corner screams "AGAIN HARDER" as each knee lands. Budd slowly makes Holloway wilt to the ground with her arms locked around Holloway's neck. Holloway gives up her back for the zillionth time with 90 seconds left and is eating knee after knee as the crowd impatiently boos the lack of fight in Holloway - all she can do is hold onto Budd's wrists trying to survive. She gets back up at 4:45 but achieves nothing. Another 10-9 to Budd.

Round 3: Budd cranks on the ground, looks for an inverted triangle, then Holloway drops down as Budd hovers over the top of her so she can't take a knee to the head. Budd spins to take her back. Budd is almost too big to get the hooks in - she's so much larger than Holloway it's amazing that they're fighting (tonight) in the same weight class. Budd continues to circle from one side to the other throwing knees as Holloway shrivels in on herself trying not to give Budd a target. She finally gets back up at 3:14. Holloway goes for a throw to no avail and Budd is on her back again. The crowd is restless as Budd continues to dominate from behind until the final bell. This should be easy for the judges.

Final Result: Julia Budd takes a unanimous decision from all three judges - 30-26, 30-25 and 30-24.


Chris Honeycutt vs. Clayton MacFarlane

Round 1: MacFarlane is in black trunks tonight, Honeycutt is in the blue. Our referee in charge is Jason Herzog. Honeycutt shoots for a single leg 30 seconds in and MacFarlane tries but fails to turn it into a kimura. Honeycutt stays heavy on his back and misses with a knee as MacFarlane breaks free at 1:14. Honeycutt lands a right hand and tries to shoot again but eats some hard body shots, which he starts to give in kind. MacFarlane tries to hip toss him and it doesn't work. Honeycutt gets another takedown before the halfway mark. MacFarlane tries to hug him tight and sit up at 3:20 but Honeycutt pushes him back down to his back. MacFarlane tries to get up twice and gets taken down twice. Honeycutt pounds away with body shots and rights. A strong 10-9 R1 for Honeycutt.

Round 2: MacFarlane gets hurt 20 seconds in with a body kick and shoots for a takedown to try and save himself, but he ends up getting pounded in the ribs until he gets back up. Honeycutt throws MacFarlane to the ground at the halfway point and tries to spin to the back for a submission. MacFarlane gets his back to the cage and continues to soften up the body. MacFarlane goes for a single leg as he tries to escape and gets WALLOPED with a knee. MacFarlane spins to take the back with a minute left. A left hand from behind finds the chin clean. Herzog reminds Honeycutt to target his shots carefully. An even more dominant R2 for Honeycutt.

Round 3: MacFarlane briefly has Honeycutt's back in in the first 30 seconds of R3 but can't do anything with it. He lands a right hand at the 50 second mark as Honeycutt breaks free. Honeycutt lands another knee as they scramble and winds up in side control at 1:53, taking the back as MacFarlane stands back up. MarFarlane gets off a right hand before Honeycutt gets another takedown at 2:51 and quickly moves to full mount. MacFarlane rolls and gives up his back. He's covering up to avoid strikes but Herzog is taking a close look to see if it should be stopped. Honeycutt is inexorably flattening MacFarlane out. Herzog finally waves it off at 4:16 of R3 as MacFarlane just lays there taking liver shots without fighting back.

Final Result: Chris Honeycutt wins via TKO at 4:16 of the third round.


Art Arciniega vs. Emilio Chavez

Round 1: Chavez and Arciniega are both in black trunks - Chavez' have pink trim. John McCarthy is our referee. Arciniega slips early in the first minute but is up before Chavez can pounce. Pretty slow round until Chavez lands a body kick that seems to wake Arciniega up. Chavez is staying at range and kicking the left leg of Arciniega a lot, but he's also giving up control of the center to do it. Chavez slips late in the round and Arciniega unsuccessfully tries to pounce. R1 seems to favor Chavez if you count the effective striking.

Round 2: Chavez gets a takedown 35 seconds into R2. He's stuck in closed guard after that and Arciniega is trying to work on the arm. McCarthy picks up some hair bands that fell on the ground while they were working, then calls for both fighters to get active. Chavez postures up for a flurry, then stands up to drop bombs that miss the target. He's back in closed guard again at 3:05. Chavez spins to side control, North-South, then Arciniega gets back up during the transition. Chavez gets a body lock and throws some knees. McCarthy breaks them for a rest at 4:22. Chavez continues to back up and fire kicks until the round ends.

Round 3: 31 seconds in Chavez gets another takedown, and Arciniega tries to get a guillotine from half guard, but Chavez gives John McCarthy the thumbs up. Chavez elbows him in the face repeatedly until Arciniega's arms get tired and he lets go. Arciniega gets up at 2:20 with Chavez on his back. Arciniega turns out but Chavez keeps on the body lock as McCarthy calls for more work. Chavez slowly works his way to the back again at 3:25. Arciniega gets warned twice not to grab the cage. Arciniega lands a solid left on the break but Chavez takes him down to side control with a minute to go and seems to have iced the fight for a UD from the judges. McCarthy warns him to "do something with the position" to no avail as time runs out on the bout. This is our first fight to go the distance.

Final Result: Emilio Chavez wins via unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 X2.


Paul Ruiz vs. Nicolas Sperling

Round 1: They're coming fast and furious in the early prelims. Ruiz caught Sperling in a guillotine quick and did not let go until Sperling was forced to tap.

Final Result: Paul Ruiz wins via submission (guillotine choke) at 0:43 of R1.


Blake Watkins vs. George Zuniga

Round 1: This fight was over before I even had time to collect my thoughts or tell you who had what color trunks - all you need to know is that Watkins has SERIOUS power in his hands and used it to devastating effect.

Final Result: Blake Watkins wins via knockout at 0:55 of the first round.


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