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Gleison Tibau 'surprised' by steroid allegations, takes hardline stance against PEDs in UFC

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

When longtime Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight veteran Gleison Tibau discovered he was being accused of rampant steroid abuse from World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight standout Andrew McInnes (read it), his first reaction wasn't anger, it was confusion.

Andrew who?

Turns out Tibau never heard of the "Andrewconda," after a "short career" (5-1) in mixed martial arts (MMA). While the Canadian is expected to compete at WSOF 18 later tonight in Edmonton, all the Brazilian could do was shrug his shoulders and wish him the best of luck.

Right after clearing up his stance on performance-enhancing drugs:

"This Wednesday afternoon, February 11th, when I was going out of a practice at American Top Team, I was surprised by the information that the fighter Andrew McInnes was interviewed and pointed me out when talking about doping, calling me 'pumped' and giving guarantees that I use banned substances to improve my performance in the UFC Octagon. I am totally against any factor that benefits athletes in their income. In my point of view, only skills and training should have influence on the final outcome of a fight.

Honestly, I don't know him, neither personally nor professionally. I've never seen him fighting, not even have I heard about his fights. So I checked out on the internet and saw that he's had a short career on MMA still. In all my life as a fighter, I had more anti-doping tests at UFC than the number of professional fights he's got. I have 15 years of career, my name is in the history of the biggest MMA organization in the world as one of the fighters that has mostly stepped into the Octagon, within 24 fights. A total of 43 professional fights, and in none of them I was caught for doping or for overweight in my category, that is currently lightweight.

For all of this, I really feel sorry for Mclnnes pronouncement or for anyone else that says that I do something illegal in sport or in life. Anyways, I wish him success."

The Brazilian is currently booked to face Tony Ferguson at UFC 184.

Tibau (33-10), who holds records for most fights (24) and most wins (16) in the UFC lightweight division, has never missed weight or failed a drug test in eight years under the ZUFFA banner. That said, he should be considered a clean fighter until proven otherwise.

As for those other guys...

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