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Greg Jackson: 'Raw power' of Anthony Johnson and his 'loaded gun' will be 'real challenge' for Jon Jones

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Why is Greg Jackson so concerned about Anthony Johnson? Well, the general consensus heading into his pupil's light heavyweight title defense, presumably at UFC 187, is that Jon Jones will be facing the hardest puncher in the entire 205-pound weight class.

Simply put: whatever "Rumble" hits, he destroys.

"As far as raw power, I don't think anybody hits harder in the division than Johnson," Jackson told ESPN. "We've cornered against Johnson before, and he is such an impressive dude. His punch, good Lord, that thing hits hard. He is going to be a real challenge. That's a loaded gun that can go off at any time."

Bang! Bang!

Johnson (16-5) has won nine straight fights -- six of them by way of devastating knockout -- and looks to make it 10 straight against Jones (21-1). Though to be fair, one of the champ's best qualities is beating opponents at their own game, out-boxing Glover Teixeira and out-wrestling Daniel Cormier.

But can he out-punch "Rumble" Johnson? That remains to be seen.

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