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UFC Quick Quote: Gleison Tibau is a clear-cut juicer whose piss glows in the dark

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

"Let ‘em all juice up. It's happening anyways. Let's not fight a war that's absolutely not winnable. Let them kill themselves. I need people burning out there engines by the time they're five fights into their careers. Makes it easier for me. The only person that's a really heavy juicer that has any longevity at all is Gleison Tibau, and he's a rare exception. He's been in the UFC for a long time, and he's a clear-cut juicer. I guarantee you, his piss glows in the dark. I've been around every gym on this earth, and he's 100-percent a juicer. The only person I can say 100-percent doesn't juice is Mitch Clark. I'm sure there are others, but it's very few."

World Series of Fighting (WSOF) star Andrew McInnes is not leaving much to the imagination in his critique of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight veteran Gleison Tibau, who continues to win fights and break records inside the Octagon. Unfortunately, "Andrewconda" -- who fights UFC washout Cody McKenzie at WSOF 18 this Friday night in Edmonton -- tells Bloody Elbow it has more to do with steroids than it does physical talents, and that the Brazilian is one of several fighters on the juice. While Tibau, to date, hasn't done anything other than look huge, speculation is rampant in the wake of failed steroids tests from Anderson Silva and Hector Lombard, among others. So ... who among you is willing to give Tibau the benefit of the doubt?

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