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Chandler Jones vs. Jon Jones? 'Bigger' NFL star calls out UFC champ for charity fight, would 'throw him to the ground'

Billie Weiss/Getty Images

Outside of Anthony Johnson, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has pretty much cleaned out his division, and to date, no one has been able to solve the "Bones" riddle.

His brother Chandler is not impressed.

In fact, the Super Bowl 49 champ says that he's willing to prove it by battling his brother in a special one-round charity match, and since he's "bigger" than his sibling, would just "throw him to the ground" like a 205-pound sack of potatoes.

The Patriot talks to TMZ Sports:

"Me and my brother used to fight all the time when we were young ... and I'm pretty sure I can take him down now. I am way bigger than he is. It will be fun if we actually did a one-round match for charity ... that would be fun. If I win, he would have to donate to the charity of my choice and vice versa. I would just throw him to the ground. I don't know how my coach would feel about it. I don't think it would fly."

Life imitating art?

While it certainly would be an intriguing bout, "Bones" has work to do inside the Octagon, as the aforementioned Johnson is next in line for a crack at the light heavyweight crown. And if "Rumble" fails to unseat the champ, Jones may look to the heavyweight division.

Where perhaps brother Arthur will be waiting?

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