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Pic: Jeremy Lane's arm injury from Super Bowl 49 is the most gruesome thing you'll see today

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In the first quarter of tonight's (Sun., Feb. 1, 2015) Super Bowl 49 match up between New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks, Tom Brady had a pass intercepted by Jeremy Lane in the end zone. Lane proceeded to run 14 yards before he was knocked down by Julian Edelman.

In the process of all that, he suffered an arm injury. It was hard to tell on the field what happened but his arm was immediately placed in an air cast and his return was deemed "improbable."

Replay shows OH MY GOD, HIS ARM

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images


The game is now at halftime as of this writing and the score is tied at 14 thanks to two touchdown passes from Brady following the aforementioned interception from Lane and Wilson responding with a few big runs and a perfect pass to end the first half.

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