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Live Silva vs Diaz fight updates, UFC 183: Round 5

It appears that Silva is up on the scorecards heading into the fifth and final.

Diaz has turned up the trash talk, sticks out his chin and baits Silva to come in and fight. Silva circles and finally obliges as the pair exchange wild shots that miss.

Silva continues to dance and Diaz bears down and gives chase. Diaz lines him up and lands a nice left, while Silva misses with a big kick. Straight right from Diaz misses as Silva uncorks a sidekick to the thigh. Diaz unloads a combination, but Silva appears to have blocked most of it.

Leg kick from Diaz, but he's going to need to do more to score a win. Silva backs up Diaz with a combination, then he tries another flying knee and spinning back kick, but Diaz avoids it all. One minute to go and Diaz lands a kick, but Silva gets in a sneaky elbow that opens up the cut on Diaz's eye.

Silva pumps the jab with 30 seconds to go and Diaz throws more leg kicks. Buzzer blares and Silva goes on a victory lap, stopping to give Jon Jones a hug outside the cage.

FINAL RESULT: Anderson Silva defeats Nick Diaz via unanimous decision (49-46, 50-45 and 50-45).

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