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Live Silva vs Diaz fight updates, UFC 183: Round 4

With Silva seemingly cruising, these next two rounds will be big for Diaz.

Silva opens up the action with his legs and their effectiveness is obvious -- Diaz has welts along his right side. The pair exchange kicks, and not much else, for the first two minutes of round four.

Silva now stalking Diaz, who rings the Octagon as he rolls his shoulders. In the center of the cage, Diaz misses with a combination, but lands with a nice left. Silva comes in with a body shot and Diaz responds with some great elbows to Silva's face, his best shots of the fight.

Diaz can't capitalize, though, as Silva escapes trouble and once again starts to do work from range.  Diaz shadow boxes and waits for Silva to engage, landing a leg kick as he comes in for an exchange.

Round ends and the crowd can be heard booing.

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