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Live Silva vs Diaz fight updates, UFC 183: Round 2

Diaz comes of for the second with purpose and continues to act bizarre. Silva circles and looks for a way in, but not much ... at least for the first minute.

Silva circles away as Diaz gives chase and "Spider" finally charges in with a combination before retreating. Diaz offers a front kick, then two leg kicks, before doing some odd movements with his arms and elbow. Silva fires a nice leg kick with the one that he broke a year ago -- its seems fine and he seems confident using it.

Diaz, nose bloodied, picks a wedge from his but shortly after whiffing with a high kick. Nice combination from Diaz and Silva responds with a flurry and then another leg kick. Nice straight left from Diaz finds its mark, but does not seem to have any effect.

Silva lands a kick to the body and holds the back of Diaz's head as he eats several punches. Silva lands a right hook as round ends and Diaz has words for the former champion before he heads back to his corner.

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