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Live Silva vs Diaz fight updates, UFC 183: Round 1

Great energy in the building as Anderson Silva makes his return to the Octagon to the familiar tune, "Ain't No Sunshine." He takes a deep breath before entering the cage, perhaps thinking about the his long journey back to action after suffering a horrific leg injury in Dec. 2013.

Both fighters touch gloves, continuing the good sportsmanship that has followed them to the build up to this main event.

Diaz, though, starts talking the moment the fight starts and lands a kick. Diaz is still talking and Silva throws a left hook to shut him up. Diaz sits on the ground, and then backs up to the cage, clowning Silva and making him come to him. Referee tells Silva to go after Diaz.

Silva wades in with a combination, but nothing meaningful gets through. Silva misses with another wild shot as Diaz continues to throw leg kicks. Diaz with a nice left hook, then a combination. Silva now standing in the center of the cage and lands a nice leg kick.

Diaz throws a combination as Silva backs up and clowns back. Nice overhand left from Diaz, but Silva responds with a shot of his own then follows it up with a flying knee. Silva gets Diaz up against the cage and begins to work him over ... Diaz offers little in the way of resistance.

Spinning back kick from Diaz and the pair exchange words at the buzzer.

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