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Patriots vs Seahawks Super Bowl score 2015: Live play-by-play updates and results, 1st Quarter

A live blog with up-to-the-minute updates and play-by-play coverage of the first quarter of the Super Bowl 49 game: New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks tonight (Sun., Feb. 1, 2015) in Glendale, Arizona.

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Super Bowl 49 is just about to kick off from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona as the AFC Champion New England Patriots will do battle against the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks.

Kickoff is set for today (Sun., Feb. 1, 2015) at 6:30 p.m. ET.

A live blog with updates from the first quarter of Super Bowl XLVIII is below. Remember to refresh often and enjoy the game!



Seattle won the toss and elected to defer, just like last year. New England will start with the ball.


Danny Amendola was back deep to receive the kick and brought it out to the 18 yard line before being taken down.

1st and 10: The Pats opened in the shotgun spread out and Brady found Gronkowski for a gain of just two yards.
2nd and 8: Amendola caught a quick little screen for six to set up third and short. He broke a tackle off the line.
3rd and 2: Again, Brady passed the ball, this time finding Shane Vereen out of the backfield for a first down.
1st and 10: The first run of the day went to LeGarrette Blount, who crashed up the middle for a couple yards.
2nd and 8: They faked an end around before handing off to Blount again. And, again, he only picked up a couple.
3rd and 6: Operating with an empty backfield, Brady attempted to fire one in right at the first down marker but his pass was low and incomplete.
4th and 6: The punt was caught but not returned, as the receiver was immediately tackled. There was a flag on the play for running into the kicker, good for a five yard penalty and a replay of the down. However, New England declined. It should be noted that a replay showed the defender hit the plant leg, which should have resulted in a "roughing the kicker" call, which would have gone for 15 yards and an automatic first down.


Seattle ball at their own 16 yard line.

1st and 10: They opened with Marshawn Lynch off right tackle. The Pats defense swarmed to the ball and dragged him down after a pick up of a few.
2nd and 7: From the shotgun, Wilson handed off to Lynch inside. He picked up four to set up third and short.
3rd and 2: Again they ran inside with Lynch but he failed to find a hole and was knocked down behind the line of scrimmage.
4th and 2: The punt traveled 44 yards and was fair caught by Julian Edelman.


Patriots ball at their own 32 yard line.

1st and 10: They set up a screen to Vereen, who only got up to the 35 before Seahawks defenders converged on him.
2nd and 7: A play-action to Blount gave Brady room to find Edelman on the outside for a quick hit first down near the sideline.
1st and 10: Blount found a lane inside and blasted through it for a five yard gain.
2nd and 5: This time Blount went off the right side, cutting back in for a short gain.
3rd and 3: They ran a quick screen to Gronkowski, who was lined up out wide. It was a good old fashioned pick play, actually, with Edelman running interference. It was good for four and a first down.
1st and 10: Brady found Vereen out of the backfield up to the Seahawks 40 yard line for a gain of three.
2nd and 7: They went back to Blount, who went back inside and trucked his way to six yards.
3rd and 1: The Pats went to the hurry up. Blount faked inside but found room off the right end and picked up an easy first down.
1st and 10: Another handoff, this one up the gut for maybe a yard.
2nd and 9: They faked a handoff inside from the shotgun and Brady found Edelman all alone in the flat for another first down.
1st and 10: Brady went to Brandon LaFell for the first time, picking up about four yards to get inside the 15 yard line.
2nd and 6:  A rush from Blount up the middle never stood a chance and he was tackled at the line of scrimmage.
3rd and 6: Brady threw into the end zone straight into the arms of a Seahawks defender, who intercepted the pass and returned it to the 14 yard line. Jeremy Lane was the guy who intercepted the ball and he was injured on the play.


Seattle ball at their own 14 yard line.

1st and 10: They ran double play action before Wilson brought the ball down and ran with it after finding no receiver open down the field.
2nd and 2: Lynch ran off the left side and picked up enough for a first down after fighting his way through a couple tackles.
1st and 10: Wilson had all day to throw but once again tucked and tried to run with it. He was taken down behind the line, however, for a sack and a loss of two to end the quarter.


That's the end of the first quarter.

Follow along with the second quarter here.

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