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UFC 183 results recap: Joe Lauzon vs Al Iaquinta fight review and analysis

Last night (Sat., Jan. 31, 2015), Joe Lauzon and Al Iaquinta went to war at UFC 183 inside the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada. In another stellar performance, "Raging Al" finished the fight with a series of right hands. Find out how below!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweights Joe Lauzon and Al Iaquinta battled in an entertaining scrap last night (Sat. Jan. 31, 2015) at UFC 183 inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lauzon has recovered well since a pair of hard losses, but a victory over Iaquinta would have definitely reestablished him as a top contender. It's been a pretty lengthy amount of time since "J-Lau" graced the lightweight ranking list, but he looked to change that last night.

On the other hand, Iaquinta has been on an upward trajectory ever since his awful debut. Outside of a slip up against Mitch Clarke, Iaquinta has very much looked the part of a future elite fighter and the New Yorker intended to move one step closer towards that goal at Lauzon's expense.

"Raging Al" got the job done.

Lauzon got off to a fast start, landing a hard combination that shook his opponent quite a bit. Iaquinta hung tough, but "J-Lau" clearly gained some early momentum.

Slowly, Iaquinta began controlling the exchanges and landing the better shots as the round wore on. Lauzon still got his licks in, but Iaquinta, who frequently attacked the body and legs of his opponent, was landing the more effective strikes. In addition, Iaquinta landed a nice takedown at one point near the end of the round.

Overall, the first round was quite close, but it likely edged towards "Raging Al."

The second round began like the first, as it was closely contested on the feet for a couple of minutes. Lauzon continued to find some success with his right hand, while Iaquinta worked his opponent up and down with combinations.

Then, a right hand from Iaquinta shook Lauzon. The New Yorker trapped his opponent against the fence and landed an overhand, which floored his prey. Lauzon was very game and stood back up, but he was basically out on his feet, as he wobbled back-and-forth across the cage. As he did this, he also absorbed a large number of thudding punches and picked his shots.

Before long, the referee called the standing technical knockout stoppage.

Iaquinta continues to grow as a fighter. His ability to remain balanced and composed while throwing tight, powerful combinations is excellent. Plus, his footwork is quite good, as Iaquinta was able to box up his foe while circling all around the cage.

In addition, I loved that Iaquinta constantly mixed up his target. He was frequently punching to the body, throwing low kicks, and punctuated a few of his combinations with snapping head kicks. By diversifying his attack, Iaquinta kept Lauzon on defense and forced him to react to more feints, as Lauzon had a difficult time predicting his opponent's next move.

At this point, Iaquinta undoubtedly deserves a match against a ranked opponent. In this situation, a scrap with the winner of Jim Miller vs. Paul Felder would make plenty of sense.

Lauzon fought fairly well. He kept the pressure on his opponent and his boxing remains dangerous, if not his strong suit. However, he could not force Iaquinta outside of his comfort zone and eventually paid for it.

Speaking of, Lauzon really needed to mix it up a bit more. For example, shooting for a takedown after stunning his opponent with hard punches would've made more sense. It was clear that Lauzon's best chance in this fight was a submission, but he never really chased that avenue for victory when given the opportunity.

Lauzon is clearly not a top contender at this stage in his career. However, he can still be given exciting match ups that are likely to entertain fans and earn Lauzon more post-fight bonuses. For example, a match up against Daron Cruickshank could be electric.

At UFC 183, Al Iaquinta continued his climb to the top of the division. How high can the New Yorker climb in the UFC's deepest division?

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