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TUF 22: 'McGregor vs Faber' results, recap for episode 12 on FOX Sports 1

Episode 12 of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 22 -- the last of the season -- gets underway and the focus right out of the gate is the remaining semifinal fights featuring Saul Rogers vs. Marcin Wrzosek and Artem Lobov vs. Julian Erosa.

Erosa is the lone survivor from Team USA.

Coach Conor McGregor calls the Rogers vs. Wrzosek fight "business" and insists there is nothing weird about the pre-fight preparations, despite the fact that both competitors are from Team Europe.

In the end, it's every man for himself.

155 lbs.: Saul Rogers (10-1) vs. Marcin Wrzosek (10-2)

Round 1: Touch of gloves and both fighters come out swinging. Rogers the busier striker and landing more shots but decides to mix things up and drops Wrzosek with a takedown. From there, he pushes the fight to the cage and hunts for a guillotine. It escapes him and he tries to work the back, but Wrzosek is able to defend and Rogers is forced to abandon the hold and push his way back into half guard. Wrzosek slowly but surely works his way back to his feet and once again we have a striking battle. And, once again, Rogers is in control of the action, dictating where the fight goes and throwing more punches. 60 seconds left and Wrzosek is just not doing enough to win the round. He throws a lazy leg kick and gets taken down. Rogers spends the last 30 seconds in search of a front choke. 10-9 Rogers.

Round 2: Gloves are touched and Rogers picking up right where he left off. Wrzosek showing a little more urgency and lands a nice shot to his opponent's head. He walks in a little too closely on the follow up and gets taken down with ease. Rogers showing a diverse skill set but a finish would help sell his spot in the live finale. Wrzosek turns his back while against the cage and Rogers makes him pay -- but also gets warned by referee John McCarthy for shots to the back of the head. Wrzosek doesn't appear to be in any real danger but he's also not doing much but covering up. He gets his toe stuck in the cage and action is halted so we don't end up with a Jon Jones situation. Back to business and Wrzosek jumps up and tries to escape but Rogers chases him down and takes his back. A rear-naked choke soon follows.

Final result: Rogers def. Wrzosek via submission

After the fight, Wrzosek doesn't sound too broken up about losing, so I have to wonder aloud just how badly he wanted it. No time to worry about that now, as Artem Lobov is about to take the cage opposite Julian Erosa. The winner meets Rogers this Friday on FOX Sports 1.

Before that happens, Coach Urijah Faber brings UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo into the gym to train his squad and of course, taunt opposing coach Conor McGregpr. The Brazilian demonstrates his jiu-jitsu prowess and teaches the new recruits a thing or two on the mat.

Foreshadowing, perhaps?

Team Europe also has its final training session and as expected, the focus is entirely on Lobov, probably because he's the most entertaining fighter on the show. Not only does he knock people out, he has a deadpan but entertaining delivery when it comes to trash talk.

Joo-lee-un ... Creesmiz iz oh-vur.

UFC President Dana White is expecting a "great fight." We must have a finish, because it's 10:45 and the cage is still empty. Coach McGregor shows up and the look on his face when he sees Aldo is priceless, even if it only lasts for two seconds before he reverts back to his "Notorious" shtick.

Time to fight.

155 lbs.: Artem Lobov (11-10-1, 1 NC) vs. Julian Erosa (14-2)

Round 1: Quick touch of gloves and Erosa is bouncing around, trying to stay away from the knockout punch. Lobov catches a low kick and rattles off a couple of hard shots. Erosa gets backed into the cage and creamed with a right hand, quickly crumbles and gets put to sleep with some follow-up bombs. Ouch. Coach McGregor rips his pants by jumping over the cage wall. Tee-hee.

Final result: Lobov def. Erosa via knockout

After the staredowns, we find out that Rogers was pulled from the live finale due to visa issues and will no longer be on the Dec. 11 card. Taking his place is jiu-jitsu wizard Ryan Hall.


To see who else is fighting at TUF 22 Finale click here.

See you on Friday!

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