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Pic: Jon Jones is enormous, looks as big and muscular as Andrei Arlovski

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Jon Jones continues his expansion program, packing on the pounds in the form of pure muscle. In fact, "Bones" doesn't look any different than Jackson-Winkeljohn teammate Andrei Arlovski.

Consider that "Pitbull" weighs in around 240.

"Earned the light heavyweight title back then moved to heavyweight?" Jones wrote on Instagram (via Bloody Elbow). "The thought of lifting heavier and eating more is starting to sound like a much better life to me."

Not to worry, Jones insists his new physique won't make him any slower or less conditioned, despite arguments to the contrary from Daniel Cormier.

I guess we'll find out when they (eventually) rematch in 2016, but until then, here's Jones setting yet another personal best inside the gym, courtesy of a 500-pound squat.

For much more on Jones' return to mixed martial arts (MMA), which came after a 2015 disciplinary suspension, click here.