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Ben Henderson's post-fight call out at UFC Fight Night 79 was aimed at Georges St-Pierre

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Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

During his post-fight victory speech at UFC Fight Night 79 -- which went down on Nov. 28, 2015, in Seoul, South Korea -- Ben Henderson had a message for a mystery fighter.

"Was that impressive enough for you?" asked Henderson after defeating Jorge Masvidal via split decision (results here).

Many have tried to put the pieces together to no avail, as Henderson doesn't really have any beef with anyone in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world at the moment. Well wonder no more, as "Smooth" revealed on "The MMA Hour" that the message was directed at none on other than Georges St-Pierre.

And there is no malicious intent with it, either:

"Was that a mystery? I didn't think it was a mystery. I heard there were rumors about Georges St-Pierre coming back  and how the guys he faces off against have to have impressive performances. I was trying to have and impressive enough performance to warrant facing off against Georges St-Pierre. I think I've always wanted to prove myself as the best fighter on the planet. No ifs, ands or buts about it and I have a long way to go. I know I have to work my butt off. And I want to prove that, back it up by squaring off against perhaps the greatest Welterweight in UFC history in Georges St-Pierre. I moved up to 170 now, so I heard he was training or thinking about fighting again. I don't know the truth to any of that it's all kind of rumors, but that's what I was talking about if my performance was impressive or not."

Unfortunately for Henderson, "Rush's" days inside the Octagon may be done for good, according to Dana White

Of course, even if St-Pierre returned to the Octagon, Henderson would have to renew his contract with the promotion and turn down big money offers such as this one to make fight happen.

Since moving up to 170 pounds, Henderson has made good on his first two bouts, choking out the much larger Brandon Thatch earlier this year before escaping with a win against "Gamebred" in South Korea.

But, were those two performances impressive enough to put him in consideration for a fight against the greatest Welterweight to ever compete inside the eight-walled cage?

As far as his free agent status, Henderson says he would re-sign with UFC in five minutes as long as he gets paid what he's worth.