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Al Iaquinta and other UFC fighters take issue with fight promotion of UFC Fight Night 80

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

If you were led to believe that the co-main event of UFC Fight Night 80 happening on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015 in Las Vegas will feature a bout between Sage Northcutt and Cody Pfister, you're not alone.

In the two videos of UFC 'Embedded' released so far (here and here) the fight promotion has completely ignored the co-main event fighters Michael Chiesa and Jim Miller, presumably to capitalize on the hype surrounding the 19-year-old Northcutt.

The videos irked more than a few UFC fighters, including Al Iaquinta, who took to Twitter to say he's "really starting to get fed up with this sport."

"Where's Jim Miller, Mike Chiesa, Aljamain sterling on Embedded? What happened to fighters?"

Despite not competing on the card it's understandable Iaquinta would have some interest, given co-main fighter Chiesa was a member of The Ultimate Fighter Season 15 and defeated him in the Finale. As it turns out, the three year UFC veteran isn't altogether pleased with the one-sided coverage either.

James Vick, who also competed on the same season of the show was similarly unimpressed with his employer.

There are still several days before "UFC Vegas" goes down on Dec. 10, meaning "Embedded" still has some time to make things right by interviewing Chiesa and Miller. Indeed, that may have been their intention all along.

However, it would seem some damage has been done by ignoring the co-main fighters up until now. And as for undefeated bantamweight standout Aljamain Sterling, I don't think anyone can explain burying him eight fights deep on a Fight Pass card.

Especially one who sees himself as a title contender.

Thoughts? Did UFC screw up or is this Much Ado About Nothing?