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Dana White denies 'tense moments' with Georges St. Pierre: 'He lost the urge to fight, end of story'

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre shocked the mixed martial arts (MMA) world in late 2013, surrendering his 170-pound title in the wake of his controversial win over Johny Hendricks and walking away from combat sports.

Just don't blame promotion president Dana White.

While St. Pierre insists the post-fight atmosphere at UFC 167 was toxic, thanks to some "tense moments" with the Las Vegas fight boss (and plenty of F-bombs), White claims it was all wine and roses and that "Rush" simply lost the urge to fight.

And that, according to his conversation with Michael Landsberg, is the END OF THE STORY!

"Listen, I like Georges St. Pierre, I respect him. He was never anything but class when he fought for us. He was an absolute class act. He took Canada to a whole 'nother level with the sport. He can talk about why he isn't here, why he isn't doing this, or maybe he'll take six weeks... Georges St. Pierre lost the urge to fight, and that's the reality. He lost the urge to fight. It happens. There's nothing wrong with that, that's nothing negative. It wasn't because of anything that happened with me, or with Lorenzo, or anything with the sport. He lost the urge to fight, period, end of story. I've been dealing with athletes since I was 19 years old and I saw it in his face after the Johny Hendricks fight. We went back stage and we talked -- you can ask Lorenzo -- I looked at Lorenzo and I said 'GSP is done.' He said 'are you crazy?' I said 'he's done.'"

Maybe ... maybe not.

St. Pierre would no doubt be welcomed back to the promotion with open arms, considering he's the "king" of pay-per-view buys. But before that happens, UFC needs to continue to improve this situation and stop making up stories about what goes down at press conferences.

Too much to ask?

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