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Video: Gabi Garcia survives early knockdown, storms back to finish Lei'D Tapa at Rizin FF in Japan

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WTF was that?

I know some high-and-mighty jack-off is going to light me up on Twitter for this.

These two warriors had the guts to step into the ring and put it all on the line and they deserve respect and honor from keyboard warriors like yourself and blabbity-fucking-blah.

Shut up, this fight was terrible and everyone knows it. It's also why we have amateur mixed martial arts (MMA), so 0-0 fighters can work out the kinks before turning pro.

But hey, this is Japan, so who cares? Let the ladies fight!

As you can see from the video above, Gabi Garcia was put on her ass by Lei'D Tapa early in round one of their Rizin debut, which took place on Dec. 31, 2015 in Saitama, Japan. Credit to the Brazilian grappler for her quick recovery, which led to a technical knockout finish later in the fight.

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