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'Rich' Fabricio Werdum won't retire until he's the greatest heavyweight of all time

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Fabricio Werdum's resume is highly-impressive.

Not only was he the first person to defeat Fedor Emelianenko in over a decade, but he ended Mark Hunt's championship dreams and dethroned Cain Velaquez from the top of the 265-pound ladder to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

He's also on a six-fight win streak and won nine out of his last 10.

Oh, and he's also banking, which is why "Vai Cavalo" recently told Sherdog (via Bloody Elbow) there is no reason for him to even think about retiring anytime soon. Especially since his end goal is to become the greatest heavyweight fighter of all time.

"Now that I'm getting rich, why would I retire? No way, I want to make history! I want to be considered the best heavyweight fighter in history by the fans. I started beating Fedor Emelianenko, Mark Hunt, Cain Velasquez, a long list. I was always considered the underdog. So, now I think I'm starting a new phase in my career where I'm not the underdog anymore."

Plus, the Brazilian bomber is ever-improving, as he's gone from a jiu-jitsu specialist to an all-around MMA fighter with the hands to take out the best of them.

And when you add the fact that he's taken very minimal damage to his own health, Fabricio has plenty left to write.

"In the beginning, everybody said I was a jiu-jitsu fighter. I think I could change that, too, by evolving my stand up skills. Of course, I have much more to evolve, but when I see my fights today, I can recognize that I've been able to add new skills to my game. So, no way am I thinking about retirement. I've never had serious injuries. Never even taken hard punishment to my head, so I have a lot of story left to write in that sport."

Werdum will next face Velasquez in a highly-anticipated rematch at UFC 196, which is set to pop off on Feb. 6, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See the official fight night poster here.

Anyone think Werdum has what it takes to go down as the G.O.A.T? Or is he already there?

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