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Michael Bisping 'blown away' by Anderson Silva's PED 'arrogance,' but 'The Spider' insists his conscience is clear

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion Anderson Silva doesn't want to talk about the drug test that cost him one year on the sidelines.

That's a pretty tall order, considering this will be his first fight since melting the urine cup at UFC 183. Not only did "The Spider" flunk for steroids, which rendered his Nick Diaz win a "no contest," he also popped for for oxazepam and temazepam.

UFC Fight Night 83 opponent, Michael Bisping, is aghast.

"I'm blown away by his arrogance," the Brit said on today's media conference call (listen). "How on earth do you expect me not mention that in your last fight, you tested positive for three banned substances? It's very relevant, so of course I want him to be tested. The fact that he wants me to not mention it, to just brush it under the carpet? I'm blown away by his arrogance."

Silva claims a mystery man from Thailand tainted his boner pills.

That said, don't expect any long, drawn-out apologies. In fact, the Brazilian won't even admit to any wrongdoing, insisting he was duped with a suspect supplement and never tried to gain a competitive edge through the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

"I took a supplement that was contaminated," Silva said through his interpreter. "My conscience is clear. I know that I never cheated."

That's open for debate.

With Silva's suspension (almost) in the rear-view mirror, he can now gear up for his showdown against "The Count," which takes place on Sat., Feb. 27, 2016 inside O2 Arena in London, England (details). And with Chris Weidman no longer holding the 185-pound strap, it's not unreasonable to think a few big wins gets "The Spider" right back into the championship web.

Unless Bisping has something to say about that when they collide across the pond.

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