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Biggest of the UFC big men, Emanuel Yarbrough, passes away at age 51

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Lutz Bongarts/Getty Images

How big was Emanuel Yarbrough?

Big enough to win a fight by smothering his opponent into submission. Just ask Tatsuaki Nakano, who chose life at the Shooto event way back in 1998. Sadly, that would be the lone victory for "Manny," who finished his mixed martial arts (MMA) career at 1-2.

Yarbrough passed away on Monday (Dec. 21, 2015) in Richmond, Virginia.

"Emanuel's passion was to travel," Yarbrough's longtime manager, Beatrice H. Davis, wrote in a statement (via "Even though it was not an easy task for him, it never stopped him from following his dreams, and bringing smiles to the faces of all he would meet. He was to be the subject of a new reality show, and would have continued to bring smiles to all those who had the opportunity to be blessed by his infectious, compassionate, loving presence. He will be missed by his millions of fans around the world, friends and family."

The Guinness record holder for "world's largest athlete" was just 51 years old.

UFC fans will remember Yarbrough for his UFC 3 appearance opposite Keith Hackney. The win earned Hackney the nickname "Giant Killer" after he was able to drop the 6'8", 616-pound amateur sumo champion and rain down blows until referee John McCarthy waved him off.

RIP, big man.