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Nick Diaz on UFC payouts: 'It makes me sick'

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Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight contender Nate Diaz has been competing inside the Octagon for over eight years, headlined his own mixed martial arts (MMA) event -- twice -- and is widely-considered one of the most entertaining combatants on the roster.

Too bad he only makes $20,000 to show for each fight -- only half of what UFC sophomore Sage Northcutt earns.

That could explain why his older brother is nauseous when it comes to the topic of UFC payouts (see them here). While Nick bankrolled $500,000 for his unanimous decision loss to Anderson Silva (more on that here), his real issue is with the new kids on the block, like UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

From his conversation with Chael Sonnen on "You're Welcome" (via MMA Fighting):

"[Nate's purse] makes me sick. It makes me sick what I get paid. It makes me sick for what I've done in the past. Then you see this guy [McGregor] come out and do really well and it drives you crazy. [Nate] is stuck in the stone age back there, but I'm trying to help bring him some understanding. It's a quick fix, though. They really sell him short, both of us. As far as the 20 and 20, these guys are laughing, thinking it's a joke. No, dude. That's what he gets paid. You can't lie to the fans. They know what they want to see. It's the fight that needs to happen. My brother's definitely relevant. You can't just act like he's not. This fight should probably happen, as far as I'm concerned. You've got these other guys that aren't very popular, even though they're holding the belt. Belts aren't important. It's the fights that are important. Important to the fans, important to the show. That's more money for everybody."

McGregor might consider it ... if you beg.

Diaz (Nate) insists the promotion conned him with an eight-fight contract back in 2014, while his manager shouldered most of the blame (because he sucks -- his words). One thing that didn't suck was the last time we saw Diaz inside the cage.

Nothing like an extra $50,000 to cure what ails you.