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UFC Quick Quote: Holly Holm not losing sleep, energy over non-congratulatory Ronda Rousey

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

"No, because I think if somebody doesn't want to say it or it's obviously affected her in a different way. She hasn't really reacted this way to a fight before and so I know it's just a lot of emotion. It's really nothing on me. I don't want to lose any sleep over it, lose any energy over it."

-- It's been more than one month since Holly Holm dismantled Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia (see it again here). And "Rowdy" has yet to congratulate "Preacher's Daughter" on her dominant, underdog victory. Even in her first in-depth interview following her monumental loss, Rousey failed to give Holm props. Why that's the case, perhaps only Ronda knows. Regardless, no worries because the new Bantamweight queen tells FOX Sports that she's chugging right along and isn't losing sleep over that simple fact. Perhaps if Holm can manage to go two-for-two against the long-time champ, Rousey may finally work up the courage to give props where they are due. Then again, don't hold your breath.

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