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Max Holloway vs Jose Aldo? 'Blessed' won't say no, welcomes Frankie Edgar fight

Top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight contender Max Holloway knows that even with an eight-fight winning streak -- with six stoppages -- the likelihood of getting a Conor McGregor rematch is currently idling on the corner of Slim & None.

Thanks in part to this and perhaps even this.

But don't expect him to be spending any time on the bench, as Holloway is willing to prove his worth (again) by turning away a pair of top contenders. In addition to a showdown against former 145-pound kingpin Jose Aldo, "Blessed" is open to a Frankie Edgar fight.

From his conversation with Submission Radio.

"I think it'd be one for the ages. Jose likes to fight, I like to come and fight and stand up and he likes to stand up. So I think it'd be a fun one. I think it would sell a lot of numbers too, a lot of tickets. So we'll see. I'm just waiting to see what UFC wants. If that's the fight they want and that gets me closer to a title shot, why not? I'd love to get that fight too. Frankie Edgar is another big name, and I think if can get a win over his name, it definitely helps my title shot stuff. Me and him are like the contenders right now inside the 145 division, and you know, it's up in the air who gets the next title shot. So I'd love to fight him, you know, earn my way. They want a big fight inside of UFC Hawaii, you know, there's only two fights or three fights. It's going to be Conor vs. Holloway, Edgar vs. Holloway or Aldo vs. Holloway. That's the only three fights that are big enough, I think, that we can bring down to Hawaii and do it.

The way he's been fighting lately, I'd take Holloway vs. anybody.

Holloway (15-3) hasn't tasted defeat since a unanimous decision loss to the aforementioned McGregor at UFC Fight Night 26 way back in late 2013. The Hawaiian is the only fighter to take "Notorious" to the judges scorecards in 21 professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fights.

And a win over Aldo or Edgar would pretty much guarantee him a second go-round with "Mystic Mac."


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