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Bethe Correia will retire Miesha Tate, fight Holly Holm for UFC title

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Miesha Tate is adamant she deserves first crack at newly-crowned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion, Holly Holm, after "Preacher's Daughter" dethroned Ronda Rousey at UFC 193.

She does, after all, have a four-fight win streak to her credit and was promised a third shot at "Rowdy" before the promotion decided to take another route.

Beth Correia, on the other hand, doesn't think "Cupcake" is deserving of a title shot, especially since none of her wins are convincing. Plus, the Brazilian says you can't go around blasting your employer while threatening retirement and then expect a crack at the crown.

And if Miesha really wants to retire, "Pitbull" tells MMA Fighting she is more than happy to make her wish come true.

"We have a new champion now, so every girl that hasn't fought Holly is at the same level right now. I'm not here to defend Ronda, but I'm fair, and she deserves an immediate rematch for everything she has done. But let's say she doesn't want that or can't take this fight right now, so I think everyone has the same right. And I believe I deserve it more than Miesha because I want to become a champion, and I don't go out there bitching about the UFC, putting Dana White against the wall, and saying I'll retire. Dana White made the right call. It wasn't her moment. Nobody wanted to see Miesha Tate get beat up again. Nobody wanted to see that. When I lost, Meisha said I never deserved a title fight, and called me a rookie. I told her to come fight me so I can show her what a rookie can do, but she never agreed to fight me because she thought she would be fighting Ronda next, and that never happened. The UFC is keeping her in the sidelines. If they want me to go in there and retire Miesha, I will do my best to show the world this rookie has some knockout power and retire her. I will make your wish come true, Miesha. I can do this for you."

The two women were on the cusp of getting it on inside the Octagon before an injury to Bethe forced her to turn down the fight.

And seeing as how Tate looks to be the front runner to challenge Holm, she'll likely have to wait a bit longer to slug it out against the Brazilian bomber.

In the meantime, Correia might want to look into welcoming this former title contender back into the mix.