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Lorenzo Fertitta wants you to stop complaining about UFC fighter pay

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Some people will never be satisfied.

That's according to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) head cheese, Lorenzo Fertitta, who said during an interview with MMA Junkie that fighter pay will always be an issue, despite the fact that salaries have increased every year since 1993.

As far as potential criticism that might surface after the company unveiled plans for a new massive 180,000-square foot campus in Las Vegas, Nevada, one that will obviously cost the promotion a pretty penny (details here), Lorenzo isn't too worried.

He says the project is all part of an investment that will help the company and fighter purses grow.

"Look, that's always going to be an issue. If we distributed 200-percent of our revenues, people would be complaining about fighter pay. The fact of the matter is, fighter pay has continued to increase every single year that we've owned the company. We pay way more than anybody else in this space. That's a factor. And you do have some fighters that maybe aren't happy with what they get, but at the end of the day, the fighters that achieve great things in this sport and get to the level of actually being able to make a career out of it, you don't see many of those athletes complaining. And that's the fact of the matter. The guys that are rising to the top are making the majority of the money. Look relative to this, we're making an investment in the future so that the company can continue to go on and achieve even bigger things so that the revenue will continue to grow and that will obviously continue to flow down to the fighters. So, this is no different than any other business."

Though Fertitta didn't reveal how much the new campus will cost, he did give specifics on the new space, saying it will feature an athlete training and rehab center, media center and of course, a Ronda Rousey restaurant.

As far as fighter pay, it's no secret that the bigger the star you are, the more you get paid. Which pretty much goes for any sport.

But, judging by the latest $200,000 offer Ben Henderson received from ROAD FC, it seems other fight promotions are just as eager to shell out good money to obtain high-level talent.

And in some cases, if your star power has died down a bit, you can always go elsewhere and still get paid more than what UFC can offer you.

Just ask Josh Thomson.

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