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Pic: UFC breaks ground on new corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, adds 'Ronda Rousey restaurant'

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) broke ground on its new 180,000-square foot campus this past Tuesday (Dec. 1, 2015), designed to house nearly 400 corporate employees, a round-the-clock athlete training and rehabilitation facility, a media center, and much more.

Construction is expected to be complete by spring 2017.

"There's going to be a Ronda Rousey restaurant, an Anderson Silva conference room; all the different rooms and places in there will be named after some of the great fighters," UFC President Dana White told Las Vegas Sun. "Anybody who's involved in the sport, this is going to be an epicenter for all things UFC."

Don't expect Holly Holm to be dining in the Ronda Rousey restaurant, considering she just ate her lunch at UFC 193.

All kidding aside, the new rehab and training facility could go a long way in helping fighters stay healthy (see why here). In addition, better working conditions and less chaos on the corporate side of things could improve the quality of future fight cards.

Here's to hoping.

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