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Transcript: Here's what Ronda Rousey was told by her coach during UFC 193 shellacking

Matt Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey will not abandon her longtime coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, following her knockout loss to Holly Holm in the UFC 193 main event last month in Australia.

Sorry, mom.

Tarverdyan came under fire for his "Rowdy" advice during (and between) each round. Case in point: the word "beautiful" was used eight times during the fight. Maybe he was trying to coach Holm? All kidding aside, Tarverdyan also shouted "No problem!" after Rousey ate a pair of stinging lefts.

A sample of the full transcript from round one (via Bloody Elbow):

:01-:57: "Press right, feint! Press fight, feint! Step to the right after touches. Step, step, step, step, step. Now you're taking her where you want her. Yeah, press again, quick press. Light touch. Feint, go! Feint, go! No problem, hands up, hands up! Press go, press go, champ. Beautiful. Step ahead, press again. Feints, feints, be patient, smart! Yes! That's a touch! Feint, go again! Yes, go press, left hook, where's that big one? Touch ... just touch, feint, touch, touch. Yeah, you're inside. No problem, chin down! Hands up! Nice hook!"

:58-2:00: "Show the right hand to the body, go upstairs! Yes! That's it. Hands up, champ! Press, press, press! Now it's yours! Yes! Yes! Hands up! Hands up! Feint, quick feet, champ! Nice! Control! Nice! Hands up, champ! Hands up! Feint! Feint, hands up! Feint, feint, feint. She'll fall into you. Feint, keep pressing! Touch, press her! Touch, press her! Feint, feint, feint! Yeah, very good. Yes! That's it, feint, feint, feint! Nice, hands up, hands up when you're pressing! Feint, now she's falling. Press, press, keep pressing. She'll slow down."

2:31-3:00: "Hands up! Nice. Hands up! Champ, champ, champ! Discipline, baby, discipline! Feint, go! Feint, go! Discipline, feint, go! Watch the head kicks, champ! Champ, right hand up baby, let's go! Nice, work off it! Feint, go! Beautiful. Press, press, press! Feint, champ, feint! Double up the jab, feint, head movement! No problem."

3:01-4:00: "Hands up, champ! She's going to throw a kick upstairs! Hands up! Go, work off it. Press, press, press, good presses! Step ahead, champ! Legs under you, girl! Let's go! Yeah, what a right hand! Hands up! You're hurting her by touching her! Press! Touch, touch, touch, combination, work the jab! Hands up, champ! Feint, go! Hands up, don't lean in! Feint, go! Boxing skills, let's go! Right hook to the body. Feint, go! Yeah! Legs under you, champ! Don't gnash (?) the shot! Don't gnash (?) the shot. Don't gnash (?) the shot, step around, yes!"

4:01-4:10: "Oh! You hurt her with a left hook! There you go! Stay on her! Hey! Discipline, hands up! Hands up, discipline, go! Right hand, left hook! YES!"

During the break:

"Beautiful! Stay nice and patient [and] relax. Breathe, okay? Let's rinse that mouth, don't swallow it, rinse it. Champ, beautiful work. Listen to me, all she wants to do is catch you with that left hand and come on top with that hook, okay? We're feinting, we're keeping both hands up. We're feinting -- a lot of feints when we're pressing. We're stepping ahead. A little bit quicker on the step-ahead. She gets frustrated, okay? Your left hook is massive there. It's there -- right hand, left hook, right hand! And then what you gotta do after you let your hands go, back to defense! Press, feint, press, press!* So we can get her where we want her. Once we get her on the cage ... we need her on the cage this round and then we're going to be good, okay? Beautiful. More discipline, more discipline, please let's go you're the champ! Discipline!"

For the complete transcript of the entire fight, including the dramatic end, click here.

Rousey was granted an immediate rematch against Holm, which I guess isn't that immediate since they won't do the deed until next July. In any event. "Rowdy" will have to think long and hard about what went wrong in their first go-round and take the necessary steps to correct it.

After all, she comes from a "great camp."