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Ben Henderson offered $200k contract -- but not with UFC

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight champion Ben Henderson recently satisfied the final fight on his ZUFFA contract, a split-decision win over Jorge Masvidal at the UFC Fight Night 79 mixed martial arts (MMA) event last weekend in Seoul, South Korea.

Full results and recap here.

In doing so, "Smooth" opened the door for competing organizations to get into the Bendo business, and it didn't take long for one combat sports promotion -- no stranger to South Korea -- to offer him 200,000 reasons to jump ship and fight overseas.

"Benson Henderson put on an amazing performance in Seoul," ROAD FC General Manager Mark Lee told "ROAD FC is aware he would like to test his upcoming free agency. We are interested in discussing a contract with Mr. Henderson for $200,000."

His last recorded payout available by public record is here.

While Henderson is likely to get his fair share of offers, he may not be able to pack his bags just yet. UFC is still privy to an exclusive negotiating period and will likely match any incoming offers over the next few weeks -- even if it's just to keep him from going to the competition.

That said, "Smooth" is officially ranked at welterweight, so the fan in me would be interested in having him stay with UFC, just to see what kind of impact he can make at 170 pounds.

Anyone disagree?