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Freddie Roach: Georges St-Pierre's training will feature actual fights in my private ring

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And there will be no pulling of punches, either.

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

If you're going to train under world class trainer Freddie Roach, you had better be prepared to actually fight.

At least that's one of the steps Roach is taking with former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in his upcoming six-week training camp. As Freddie declared during his stop at The MMA Hour, St-Pierre will be throwing down in real fights in the privacy of his ring.

As Roach sees it, pushing "Rush" to the max is the only way to determine if he still has it in him to make a mixed martial arts (MMA) comeback.

Fair warning to "GSP," his training partners won't be pulling any punches.

"Based on the three day session we had, he was so positive and he was so good. It was like the three best sessions we have ever had. There was nobody down here, it was very private. He had one of his bodyguards with him, actually not his bodyguard, one of his best friends. I told Georges, 'If we do this, and we do make a comeback, how are we going to do it? Are we going to fight the top guy right away? Or are we going to build ourselves up a little bit?' He said, 'Well, I hope we can build ourselves up a little bit during our six-week session.' During our six-week session we are going to have actual fights in my ring. Private, of course. But we will have fights and they will be competitive and there will be no holding back. Because that's part of the process, is getting to know if you still want to do this. We got some guys that will come down and will help us out and give us an idea where we are at in the sport right now."

What I would give to be a fly on the wall during those training sessions.

In addition, Roach revealed that St-Pierre's entire six-week training camp will take place in his Wildcard Gym in California, not in the friendly confines of Tristar Gym in Montreal.

As for the route he would prefer St-Pierre take once he returns to the Octagon, the world-renowned trainer wants to see "GSP" build himself up again before challenging for the title. But, it seems "Rush" wants to get those bouts out of the way during training camp.

I hear this guy is looking for something to do.