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Lou Giordano slams Mike Dolce, offers to help Johny Hendricks make weight for free

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

A "weight management specialist" has offered to help retired UFC fighter B.J. Penn and former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks with weight problems that he says were created by a "fraud", Mike Dolce.

Louis Giordano told that while there will always be clients who are not happy, the fact two former UFC champions are dissatisfied speaks volumes about Dolce's weight-cutting services:

"There is a problem with that. To make it worse, Dolce blamed them and said they are lazy. They are lazy? You were hired and paid $1,000 a day and B.J. Penn said he has never felt worse. If I ever charged a client $1,000 a day and they never felt worse; I probably should look for a new profession."

Giordano says he's "very different" from Dolce, saying he educates his clients rather than simply telling them what to do. He added that if something doesn't go right with a client he'll blame himself rather than suggest it was his clients who did something wrong.

Most importantly, according to Giordano, he doesn't believe in cutting weight, but rather in "managing it."

"You never cut weight with me," said Giordano. "You are never dehydrated. Every one of Dolce's clients step on the scale and they are dehydrated. They have to drink something immediately. A majority of them, and I can't say this for a fact, but I am pretty sure because of how adamant he was about the IV ban, but most of his clients must have used an IV. It is obvious, Dolce promotes extreme weight cutting."

Penn was perhaps the most vocally unhappy with Dolce, claiming he paid $21,000 to make the cut to 145 pounds to take on Frankie Edgar at TUF 19 Finale in July of 2014.

The Hawaiian was so dissatisfied with the results that he unleashed a tirade on Dolce last month, blaming him for the "bad showing" and expressing a desire to "smash" the nutritionist. The "shocked" weight-cutting guru responded with kindness, praising Penn for being a "genius marketer."

Although Giordano is entitled to his comments, it should be noted that he's a competing service with Dolce and is anything but a neutral voice in any debate surrounding this topic.

Dolce has not yet publicly responded to Giordano's criticisms.

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